Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Sparklers

Are Sparklers safe to use indoors?

8/27/2013 by Admin
Sparklers are only for outdoor use. Before using the sparklers read the directions on the outside of the box.

Can I use sparklers where I live?

2/19/2010 by Admin
Each state has a different set of laws. To see what the laws are in your state, visit the American Pyrotechnics Association. Or, for a quick reference, this map will show you briefly what is legal in your state. (State Map).

Can you carry sparklers onto an airplane or check them in your baggage?

8/27/2013 by Admin
No, under TSA regulations, sparklers may not be carried onto or checked in your baggage on any commercial flight.

Do you ship sparklers to all 50 states?

2/17/2012 by Admin
We are unable ship sparklers to Alaska, Hawaii or any US territories because sparklers can only be transported by ground shipping, they can not be shipped by air.

For my wedding, I would like to have silver sparklers. Are these available instead of gold?

2/19/2010 by Admin
Unfortunately, the chemicals used to manufacture silver sparks are not allowed under the current federal regulations for sparklers, and therefore silver sparklers are not currently on the market. However, the gold sparks are more white in appearance.

How far in advance should I place my order?

2/19/2010 by Admin
Sparklers have a very long shelf life, so when you place your order is up to you. Remember that sparklers can only be shipped by ground transportation, so make sure to allow plenty of time for them to get to you before your wedding.

What are the best size sparklers for parties and weddings?

2/19/2010 by Admin
In order to allow enough time for everyone to get their sparklers lit and have them all burning simultaneously, the best size sparklers are either 20 inch (2 minute burn time) or 36 inch (4 minute burntime). 10 inch sparklers have a shorter burn time

What color are your sparklers?

8/27/2013 by Admin
The metal sparkler and attached material is gray in color, and the sparks when lit are gold. The only exception to this are our gold star sparklers and our red heart sparklers which have been painted. All sparklers can be painted to changed the color

What shipping methods do you offer?

2/19/2010 by Admin
All I Love Sparklers orders are sent out by Fed Ex ground shipping. Due to US DOT regulations, this is the only way they can be shipped.
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