36 Inch Sparklers Wedding 160 Person Package
36 Inch Sparklers Wedding 160 Person Package

36 Inch Sparklers Wedding 160 Person Package

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  • Color:Gold Sparks
  • Burn Time:Approx. 4 minutes
  • Length:36 inches ( 3 FEET LONG)
  • Lighting:Easy-to-light tips, instructions included
36 in Wedding Sparklers Package

Our extra long 36-inch wedding sparklers are the ideal long-lasting sparklers for wedding exits! With easy lite tips and a burn time of 4 minutes, you’ll only need one sparkler per guest. Each order includes a free pack of six 10-inch sparklers to speed up the lighting process. 

Extra Long! They Are 3 Feet Long!

At 36 inches long, these giant gold sparklers allow all guests to have them lit and prepared for the send-off without worry that you’ll make your exit to a half lit line-up! Likewise, these long-lasting sparklers give your photographer ample opportunity to get the perfect shot. If you prefer shorter gold wedding sparklers, check out our 10 inch or 20 inch.

Why Choose Our High Quality Sparklers?

Experience the magic of the ultimate send-off with our high quality metal sparklers that are virtually smokeless. Take a look at the photos here on our website to give you an idea of the gorgeous, smoke-free photographs captured at our customers’ weddings. Purchasing our 36 inch sparklers for weddings will ensure that you can experience a truly magical moment without the annoyance and danger of smoke and ash from wooden or bamboo sparklers. Also, beware of low quality metal sparklers available online. These can have a shorter burn time or may not burn at all! Just look at our product reviews from past customers.

Create a Exit Display at Your Wedding

Build up excitement and anticipation for your exit send-off by creating a special display at your reception. Place sparkler wedding favors in one of our galvanized, rustic or pewter buckets and add a festive touch with our sparkler tags available in a variety colors to match your wedding décor.  For the finishing touch, add a chalkboard or nicely framed sign to let guests know what time to expect the send-off!

Safety Concerns

With these longer sparklers, you’ll need adequate space for guests to spread out for your send-off. The longer handle will allow hands to keep a farther distance from the sparks. For added safety and security, younger wedding guests should always be supervised by an adult and intoxicated guests should be monitored. Likewise, items should not be dropped on the ground after use.  Make sure that buckets filled with sand or water are readily accessible for guests to discard their sparklers immediately after the wedding send-off. Speak with your venue or coordinator in advance to ensure this will be available. The safety of you and your guests is important to us, so be sure to look for lighting and safety instructions included in every order.

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