Blue Gender Reveal Spring Cannon

Blue Gender Reveal Spring Cannon

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  • Confetti Color::Blue
  • Size::6" Long and 2" in Diameter
  • Type Of Confetti::Biodegradable Tissue Paper

Blue Gender Reveal Spring Cannon

Blue confetti spring loaded cannons add excitement to celebrations and make it more festive. But they are also fun additions to a Gender Reveal Party! It’s heartwarming and joyous to announce the gender of a soon-to-be member of the family with friends and loved one’s present, and spring cannons add enthusiasm. 

Imagine attending a gender reveal party where the gender of the baby is still a secret. At a certain point in the games and celebration, it’s announced that the gender of the baby will be revealed with a blue burst of confetti! Use these blue spring-loaded confetti cannons as an exciting way to share the news and add fun to your celebration. 

Our blue spring-loaded gender reveal confetti cannons are generically marked so you cannot see in plain sight what color it is. We’ll send special directions that will allow you to tell. Guests will not only be surprised at the gender, they’ll also be wowed by the striking and beautiful burst of confetti. 

Our pink spring-loaded gender reveal confetti cannons are easy to use, and they pop out bio degradable tissue paper. A small cloud of pink tissue paper fills the air when they are popped. These cannons are only 1.5 inches in diameter, 6 inches tall, and pop about 3 feet into the air. They can be held with one hand while you use the other hand to simply twist the bottom. These spring loaded cannons are absolutely perfect for kiddos to use ages 4 and up.

For safety and best results, be sure to aim straight up when popping the pink spring-loaded cannons. These cannons can be used indoors or outside. Make your gender reveal party the one they talk about for months with these festive and exciting blue party spring loaded cannons!

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