Celebrate Diwali With Great Sparklers

Posted by Steven Volanski on 10/20/2016 to Creative Ideas
Celebrate Diwali With Great Sparklers
Celebrate Diwali With Great Sparklers

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to celebrate Diwali light festival this year, we have got you covered. Diwali is the beautiful Hindu festival of lights, and is celebrated each autumn season with amazing displays that include candles, electric lights, rich costumes, flowers, food, music and dance, and more. If you want to take your celebration to the next level, however, consider incorporating sparklers for this year's light festivals. It makes a big impact for just a little effort, and is something your friends and family are sure to love and remember for years to come. 

Types of Sparklers

There are several types of sparklers you can consider using for this celebration. Your basic short sparkler typically comes in under a foot and is the kind you might think of for using at a typical July 4th party. Longer sparkler sticks clock in at over 20 or even 36 inches, and traditionally last longer and make a bigger impact. You can even purchase sparklers for light festivals that come in shapes. For instance, you can purchase a heart shaped sparkler for a sweet and pretty design. 

How to Order

You can find party style sparklers at I Love Sparklers, making them a breeze to get shipped to your front door. By using I Love Sparklers, you take all of the hassle and guess work out of it. Who wants to run from store to store, asking around if someone has the exact item and number of stock you need? Plus, shopping online typically scores you great deals, as you can buy in bulk. And with an online order, you get the benefit of shopping from the comfort of your own living room. It is a win win situation all around. 

Setting Up

Once you have your Diwali sparklers in hand, it is time to set them up in whatever situation you think works best for your guests and needs. You can remove each sparkler from its packaging and arrange them in pretty buckets, where everyone can grab as they need. Or you can place one at each place setting for a pretty presentation. Consider making your own paper labels to tie around each sparkler, with a personalized message for your guests. You can also attach a small box of matches to each stick, so guests can easily light their sticks at the appropriate time. 


Keep in mind, safety is key when working with sparkler sticks. They are, after, all powered by fire. And any time you are using matches you want to ensure you are also utilizing some crucial safety techniques. Always light sparklers outside and away from any bushes. And for younger kids, make sure they have assistance. The beauty of commercial grade sparkler sticks is that they are designed with safety in mind, with handles long enough to make sure all fingers stay safely away from the sparks. Once done, make sure to dispose of the matches and sparkler sticks safely. 

Lasting Memories

In the end, the point of using sparkler sticks for Diwali light festival is to create lasting memories with your loved ones. To that end, take a moment to really capture the beauty of the experience you have created. Make sure to take plenty of pictures. Better yet, remember to record a sweet video of the moment all of your guests light up their sparkler sticks in unison. It makes for a stunning visual, and you will get to capture those smiles and laughter to revisit time and time again. It all makes for a beautiful Diwali festival experience.

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