DIY Ideas Using Wedding Sparklers

Posted by Caitlin Harmon on 1/9/2020 to Creative Ideas
DIY Ideas Using Wedding Sparklers

Wedding sparklers are a great addition to ensure your wedding is fabulous! Wedding sparklers have several different uses including gifts for guests/wedding party, photos and send-offs. We offer many different sparklers and items to ensure your day is nothing less than sparkling perfect. Here are some unique DIY wedding ideas using our sparklers:



Make a statement! Light up the night with a sparkler centerpiece your guests won’t forget. Be sure to have a camera ready! A sparkler centerpiece is a great way to wow your guests and bring the extra flare to your table! (Be careful of any tablecloths or flammable items nearby) Even when not lit, sparkler centerpieces make for a creative spin on a wedding centerpiece! Our suggestion? Bundle the sparklers by a bow or decorative string and place them in a mason jar. This DIY project takes no time at all!

Sparkler Send Off Display

Grab some chalkboard paint and get creative! Let your guests know what time the sparkler sendoff will be taking place. All you need is a chalkboard, or chalkboard paint and wedding sparklers! Make your sign super creative. We offer personalized tags for your sparklers for your display. Include your wedding hashtag or the date on each sparkler tag as a nice keepsake for your guests.

Wedding Gifts

Make a goodie bag for your wedding party or guests! Sparklers are the perfect gift to say “thank you” for being a part of your big day! You can even add a personalized tag saying “thank you” or include a special message for your guests. It will serve as a keepsake they will cherish to remember your special day! They’ll never forget the day sparks were flying.

Photo Album

Tell your love story! Photo albums are great DIY projects that guests will engage with on your special day. Include your sparkler photos with written words to tell a story. Write “love” or your new last name to start your photo album. Keep the album at the entrance of the wedding so your guests can read your amazing love story. Wedding sparklers will give your final photos that extra touch and creativity.

Ceremony Sparklers

Let sparks fly at your ceremony! Most weddings feature wedding sparklers during their grand send off. However, a creative way to utilize sparklers is a DIY project that takes little time and will make for great photos. Create wedding sparkler tags for your guests with instructions for their sparkler, attach them to the sparkler and set them in each seat of the ceremony. At the time provided on the sparkler, each guest will light theirs for an unforgettable moment. Plan to have a crowd full of sparklers lit for your kiss, for the big I-do or any special moment during the ceremony. Imagine a crowd of sparklers being held by your friends, family and loved ones. It will be truly unforgettable!

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