How To Dispose of Burnt Sparklers

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 11/5/2012 to Creative Ideas

The wedding exit is over and the sparklers are burnt out. What do your family and friends do with them now? You definitely don't want them thrown on the ground and you certainly don't want them carelessly placed on a table in the reception area. So what's the best way to dispose of burnt sparklers? For sparklers safety, we suggest using decorative metal buckets or vases filled with sand or water for sparkler disposal.

Using sand is a smart option because it will add weight to the bucket so it's less likely to tip over. By placing the burnt end in the sand, any wedding sparkler ends that are still smoldering will be thoroughly extinguished, and cool down before going in the garbage. 

Using water is another option, however carefully consider where you place the bucket if using water as it can be more easily tipped over. Also be sure to delegate the duty of disposing the water or sand, and burnt sparklers after the party is over.

The best place for the disposal buckets are at the reception area exit so everyone can see this is where you want them to be thrown away, and can do so on their way out.

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