Your Wedding Day Emergency Kits

Posted by Caitlin Harmon on 2/28/2020 to Creative Ideas
Your Wedding Day Emergency Kits

Do  you have a feeling that you have forgotten something as you are preparing for your big day? This is the last thing you should have on your mind while getting ready to marry the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Unfortunately, there is always something that is forgotten or could go wrong in the moments leading up to your special moment.

Luckily, this wedding day emergency kit list can help you better prepare for your special day:



Your sewing kit could turn out to be your best friend on your wedding day. Make sure your kit includes sewing needles, safety pins, scissors, super glue, hemming tape and thread in colors matching your wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, and groom/groomsmen apparel. The kit will come in handy if you come across rips, tears, or find any loose threads. If there happens to be an accidental spill, a tide pen will also come in handy.


Hair Products/Accessories

When having pre-ceremony routines like pictures, veil and headpiece adjustments, or hugging friends and family, you’re going to want something to keep every piece of your hair perfectly in place. Items in this kit would include: bobby pins, hair ties, brush, hairspray, etc.


First Aid

We all know that at any point during your special day sometimes something could happen when you least expect it…Someone has a headache, or body aches/pain, or someone experiences a small cut or scrape. It would be a wonderful idea to have a First Aid kit that includes: pain relievers, Neosporin, band aids, even ice packs if someone slips on the dance floor. It’s always the best idea to be prepared.

Stay Fresh

You definitely want to smell as great as you look, so throw some deodorant and your favorite perfume or body spray into your kit. Your new spouse will love to smell your signature smell on you and will keep you fresh through all of the dancing and selfies you will be taking with everyone. PS. If you also want to stay kissable for your new husband or wife make sure to throw in some mints and dental floss!



Last but definitely not least, don’t forget your wedding sparklers for your big exit! We have different size and quantities of sparklers to accommodate how many guests you will have. Let you love sparkle with our amazing wedding sparklers.

The months of planning leading up to the day of the wedding can be stressful enough. Family or friends can be lifesavers just by throwing together a few small things to have close by should any sort of situation arise on your wedding day.

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