Can Sparklers Be Used in the Daytime?

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 8/20/2013 to Creative Ideas
People often wonder if our wedding sparklers will work for a daytime event. Our answer is YES!

We've gathered up some of our favorite daytime wedding exits to give you an idea of how beautiful it can be.

Mary & Garrett

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 7/9/2013 to Featured Weddings

Red Heart Shaped Sparklers

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 6/26/2013 to News & Updates

Looking for something uniquely special? Our Red Heart Shaped Sparklers are here! We have the cutest Red Heart Sparklers on the market. Now you can give these cuties out as

These special shaped sparklers can add a creative touch to your wedding exit.

Star Shaped Sparklers

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 6/25/2013 to Creative Ideas
We are so excited to announce that I Love Sparklers has new Star Shaped Wedding Sparklers! Our Star Shaped Sparklers are the hottest item on the market for wedding events and other special celebrations!

If you are looking for something new and different, check out these cuties!

Usman & Aroosa

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 6/24/2013 to Featured Weddings
Our Wedding Sparkler Photo Contest winners for April are Usman and Aroosa! Their wedding was stunning with bright colors and festive spirit.

We're proud that our
36 inch wedding sparklers added a special touch to their unique celebration.

Which Wedding Sparklers Make the Best Photos?

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 5/14/2013 to News & Updates
Smokeless sparklers are what every wedding photographer hopes for, but why? What is the difference between a standard sparkler or a wood sparkler?

Understanding the reasons behind buying a
wedding sparkler versus a standard sparkler will ensure you make the right purchase for your occasion.

Our Unique 20 Inch Sparklers

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 4/24/2013 to News & Updates
Want the best sparklers for your celebration? Well we have them! Our 20 inch sparklers are made to last over the standard 2-minute mark. With the extra length, the glow is brilliant as it is lasting.

But more length isn't the only special feature of our 20 inch sparkler!

Does Your Facebook Sparkle?

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 4/22/2013 to News & Updates
For the newest ideas and current sparkler coupon codes, be sure to visit our I Love Sparklers  Facebook page!

Pinterest Loves Sparklers, Too!

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 4/21/2013 to News & Updates
I Love Sparklers has a Pinterest Page! Whether it's totally new ideas or revamping the classics, Pinterest is the best place to get ideas.

When it comes to unique ideas for
Wedding Sparklers and photos, go and check out our page!

Heart Shaped Sparklers

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 4/20/2013 to Creative Ideas

Taylor & Evan

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 3/4/2013 to Featured Weddings

Congratulations to Taylor and Evan, winners of our February 2013 Wedding Sparkler Photo Contest.

Our bride and groom chose to use our Heart Shaped Sparklers for their wedding exit and the photos are exquisite.

Mallory & Harris

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 2/25/2013 to Featured Weddings
Congratulations to Mallory and Harris, our January 2013 Wedding Sparkler Photo Contest winners!

Using our 20 inch Wedding Sparklers, these two ended their perfect night with a magical send off.

Wedding Sparkler Safety Tips

Posted by Lianne on 2/12/2013 to News & Updates
You ceremony was beautiful and your reception was perfect- now it's time to make a memorable exit! Wedding sparklers are a fun way to include your guests in your sendoff, and give your photographer the opportunity to capture some stunning photos.

Keep the occasion safe and fun with our wedding sparkler safety tips.

Do Wedding Sparklers Work in the Rain?

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 1/22/2013 to News & Updates
Determined bride, Andie, wanted a picture perfect sparkler exit. But when it started to rain, she began to get nervous.

Good thing a little rain can't stop a beautifully bright wedding exit!

Mimi & Csaba

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 1/10/2013 to Featured Weddings
Congratulations to Mimi and Csaba, winners of our December 2012 Wedding Sparkler Photo Contest!

Our sparklers accented the perfect send off, even in the coastal breeze!

Michael & Susan

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 12/10/2012 to Featured Weddings
Congratulations Michael and Susan, our November 2012 Wedding Sparkler Photo Contest Winners!

This couple sent some unique photos and we were happy our sparklers could help make the occasion special.

Elise & Zac

Posted by Gina on 11/19/2012 to Featured Weddings

Congratulations to our Wedding Sparkler Photo Photo Contest winners for October, Elise and Zac!

Planning a wedding from abroad is tough, but these two made it work and the photos were fantastic.

Miranda & Tyler Are Engaged!

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 11/14/2012 to News & Updates
Congratulations to Miranda and Tyler, the husband and wife to-be!

We love your
sparkler engagement photo!

How To Dispose of Burnt Sparklers

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 11/5/2012 to Creative Ideas

What's the best way to dispose of wedding sparklers after the newlyweds make their exit?

Take our sparkler safety advice for the easiest way to round up the burnt sparklers.

How To Light Wedding Sparklers

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 10/17/2012 to News & Updates

With all the hustle and bustle on your big day, the most simple questions can go overlooked and unanswered until it's too late.

Here is the easiest way to get your whole crowd of guests' wedding sparklers lit, just in time for the big sendoff!


Sparklers for Diwali "Festival of Lights"

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 10/11/2012 to News & Updates

Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival that is celebrated every Autumn. It is a spiritual celebration that honors the victory or light over darkness.

As a perfect representation of this, sparklers and fireworks are a traditional element of the celebration!

Caroline & Erik

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 10/9/2012 to Featured Weddings
Congratulations to our September Wedding Sparkler Photo Contest winners, Caroline and Erik.

Our 20 Inch Sparklers added just the right touch to their very special wedding send off!

Send Us Your Sparkler Photos, Win $100!

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 9/18/2012 to News & Updates

Enter our monthly Wedding Sparkler Photo Contest for your chance to win a $100 American Express Gift Card!

Jamie's Big Day

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 7/1/2012 to Featured Weddings
We love being part of such special occasions- from birthdays and graduations, to weddings and anniversaries!

Read what one bride, Jamie, had to say about our sparklers!

Shannon & Axel

Posted by I Love Sparklers on 6/26/2012 to Featured Weddings

Shannon and Axel, one of are our featured wedding couples, had a beautifully classic Texas wedding.

They used our 20 Inch Sparklers to end their perfect night with a bright celebration!

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