Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo celebration

For many, Cinco de Mayo is all about enjoying Mexican food and maybe having a few margaritas. It is also a time to dress up for the party by wearing red, green and white (the colors of the Mexican flag). Or perhaps wear colorful Mexican clothing specially designed for the festivities. 

Cinco de Mayo is a day filled with lively music and dancing along with much celebration. What is more, there is an ambiance of considerable merriment and brightly colored décor. When planning activities and shopping for Cinco De Mayo party supplies, what better way to celebrate than with 10 or 20-inch sparklers and multi-color confetti cannons. The party favors set the stage for laughter and excitement. With a blast, they get your guests involved in the festivities in no time. In fact, party sparklers and confetti cannons will be the life of the party. 

cinco de mayo sparklers

20 Inch Sparklers

Sparklers will make any occasion special and memorable. In fact, sparklers will offer a nice touch of fantasy to the day and counterbalance the spectacular details of your party’s décor. You can create the perfect atmosphere using sparklers during certain events such as when crowds of people arrive, when the band comes onto the stage or during a toast in honor of coming together for Cinco de Mayo. 

With outdoor parties, you can take advantage of the darkness to add special effects with the use of sparklers. Once the sun goes down, guests can be creative and draw magical figures or special words with the smokeless sparklers. In fact, the multi-colored designs look remarkable in both high color photos and black and white photos. Quite frankly, you may want to hire a photographer to take a few priceless pictures. 

A great selection for the event is the 20-inch sparklers. These sparklers emit beautiful gold sparks that burn for 2 long minutes. Make sure you have plenty to go around, for they will ignite and inspire the imagination of your guests. 

young girl celebrating cinco de mayo under confetti

Multi-Colored Confetti Cannon

Setting off multi-color confetti cannons during Cinco de Mayo is a great way to have a blast. They create a stunning explosion of color that is sure to release a rush of excitement for everyone. Regardless, if you have a small or large event, confetti cannons can set the stage for the event. 

Confetti cannons can easily be added to your event. They are often used as the grand finale or the beginning of your celebration. Another way to keep the party alive is to hand out multi-color confetti cannons when everyone is waiting for the next event of the party. 

The great thing about confetti cannons is that they are air compressed and do not require lighting. All you need to do is hold the cannon with both hands and twist the bottom lightly. The confetti cannons then shoots brilliant colors into the air to 20-feet high. What is more, they are made from eco-friendly, biodegradable material. 

cinco de mayo night sparkler celebration

10 Inch Sparklers 

Sparklers are the ideal way to transform your festivities into the perfect event. They are the perfect way to make an occasion memorable and very magical. Guests will delight in the dazzling gold sparkles that float through the air as they twirl them around. In fact, sparklers are guaranteed to add fun and excitement to the festivities! 

One of the most economical selections is the 10-inch sparklers. They are great for budget parties as well as convenient for short and lively celebrations like Cinco de Mayo. The sparklers last about 35-40 seconds and are a lot more economical if you are expecting a large crowd.