Heart Shape Sparklers for a Special Valentine's Day

Candy, jewelry, flowers and dinners are just a few romantic gestures of affection you'll traditionally see on Valentine's Day. But we offer another option at I Love Sparklers, and wouldn't you love to show your sweetheart a more unique side of romance? Our Heart Shaped Sparklers are perfect!

How Did Valentine's Day Start?
This day didn't come from cupid, but from the legend of Saint Valentine, a priest in the third century in Rome. When the Emperor decided single men made better soldiers than ones with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men. Despite this order, Valentine secretly continued to preform marriages for young lovers. And so, the day to celebrate love was named for him!
The Perfect Gift!
Hearts and romance are the traditional symbol of this day, so our Heart Shaped Sparklers are perfect!
Don't forget to add some of our unique soft pink Sparkler Tags for a touch of special detail.
A popular feature at many weddings and parties, our sparklers symbolize love as something bright and beautiful. Your sweetie will be surprised when they see such a creative and exciting way to celebrate!