Sparklers and Confetti for your New Year’s Eve Party

New Years Confetti

You can start the New Year off with a bang by celebrating with sparklers and confetti! Whether you're planning on spending the evening out partying in your city square with other first night revelers, or at home ringing in the New Year with your close friends and family, you can bring some sparkle and pizazz to the party with these fun items. We're known for quality New Years Eve party supplies products that can make you the life of the party this New Year's Eve!

New Years Celebration

20 Inch Sparklers

Our 20-Inch Gold Wire Sparklers are a great choice for any occasion. They'll light up the night sky as you and your loved ones reflect on the joys of the past year while anticipating the excitement that the New Year holds. These long, virtually smokeless New Year's sparklers are ideal for writing words or numbers. You and three of your friends could even take an amazing photograph together standing side by side with each one of you writing out one of the digits that together form the number of the New Year. Another great idea is to write out a word that captures your theme for the new year, such as "Hope" or "Success." You could also have a friend capture you and your significant other on video sharing a New Year's kiss and then framing yourselves in a heart shape made of flashing gold sparkles. These items come in sets of 48, 96, 144, 192, and 240. The possibilities for using these versatile party favors at your New Year's celebration seem almost endless!

Star Shaped Sparklers

Star Shaped Sparklers

If you're looking for something different to add a splash of excitement to your New Year's celebration, consider our unique star-shaped sparkler variety. When it comes to bringing light and life to the party, these stars are the perfect choice. These New Years sparklers are available in a pack of 6. The burn time on these brilliant metallic gold beauties is around one minute, so you may want to stock up on an entire case of 216. That will give your guests plenty of opportunities to let their lights shine brightly to welcome the New Year. One fun way to use them at a New Year's party is to pass several out to each guest just to be certain everyone will be prepared for the big moment. Make sure you have plenty of lighters available in your New Year's Eve supplies so that each guest will be able to light their star simultaneously. Then, after you count down the to midnight, you can all start burning these beacons brightly at the same time to start out the New Year making a magical memory together!


Multi Colored Confetti Cannon

Confetti Cannons

When it comes to New Year's celebrations, possibly no symbol encapsulates the elation of the moment more than a spray of confetti. Now you and your friends can bring the fun and festivity of a New Year's Day parade right into your home or party venue! These 2-inch diameter, 18-inch long New Year's confetti cannons are safe, eco-friendly items that are easy to use. They're filled with biodegradable tissue papers which are released safely with a simple twist of the bottom of the tube. Since they work by releasing compressed air, there's no pyrotechnic mechanism involved when these confetti cannons project their contents. Either multicolored or black and gold confetti cannons are available. Prepare to see the looks of surprise and delight on your guests' faces when they see these confetti sprays shoot 20-feet high into the air, causing a trail of whimsical paper particles to cascade down onto your group. Kick off the year with these awesome New Year's party supplies.