18" Confetti Streamer Cannon - Silver Metallic
18" Confetti Streamer Cannon - Silver Metallic

Silver Metallic Streamer Cannon

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Our Silver Metallic Streamer Cannons are elegant and festive for your upcoming celebration. These ready-to-use tubes are filled with all Silver mylar / paper streamers. These silver streamer poppers are not a pyrotechnic, they do not cause any smoke or hot items that you must deal with after using them.

Our metallic silver streamer cannons use compressed air that shoots the silver streamers up 15 feet high, making it rain silver party streamers. The Silver Confetti Party Poppers measure approximately 18” long and 2” in diameter.

When ready to use hold with both hands, twist the bottom of the tub lightly with one hand and “wham”. You can use these silver confetti cannons indoor or outdoor but remember to face the top of the cannon up towards the sky.