Gender Reveal Push Confetti Popper - Blue
Gender Reveal Push Confetti Popper - Pink

Gender Reveal Push Confetti

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Are you wanting the kiddos at your Gender Reveal Party to be involved with the reveal? Then look no further…These push confetti canisters are ideal to have for any age making your gender reveal completely unforgettable.

Our blue gender reveal push confetti canisters are generically marked so you cannot see in plain sight what color it is. We’ll send special directions that will allow you to tell the difference between the blue and the pink push confetti. Guests will not only be surprised at the gender, they’ll also be wowed by the small beautiful burst of blue and silver confetti from this gender reveal confetti push pop.

Our Blue gender reveal push confetti canisters are simple to use, and they pop biodegradable confetti about one foot into the air. These blue confetti push poppers are 1.5 inches wide about 5 inches tall including the bottom stick of the product and can be held with one hand while you use the other hand to simply push the bottom up. 

For safety and best results, be sure and aim straight up when popping them. These blue push confetti canisters can be used for a gender reveal indoors or outdoors and they do not make noise. Make your gender reveal party the one they talk about for months with these festive and exciting accessories!

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