3 Ways To Display Your Wedding Sparklers

displaying wedding sparklers

Sparklers are quickly becoming a common tradition at weddings, and for good reason. Imagine leaving your reception while walking through a tunnel of gleaming sparkling lights to lead you into your new journey of marriage. But, before the big sendoff though, the sparklers should be displayed for all to see! Here are 3 ways to display your send-off sparklers to incorporate them beautifully into your wedding design/theme.

1. Use Decorative Buckets to Display Your Wedding Sparklers

One way to display your wedding sparklers is to add a few sparkler display buckets. Simply fill the bottom of one of our sparkler buckets with sand to stick the sparklers into and to keep the bucket from accidentally falling over easily. Then, simply decorate the bucket so it becomes an exquisite centerpiece. You can add ribbons or flowers in your wedding colors to further incorporate the bucket into the vision you have for your wedding. Depending on your preference of style, your sparkler display buckets could take on a rustic feel, an elegant look, or a modern flair. Our buckets come in two sizes. The 11-inch buckets will hold 50-100 20-inch sparklers, and the 15-inch buckets will hold 50-100 36-inch sparklers.

bucket and sparklers

2. Use Signs To Inform Guests When To Expect The Send-Off

Once you have your sparklers displayed in your buckets, set them in a spot at the reception where they will be noticed by guests. Prop a simple, yet elegant sign that says something like “Let Love Sparkle’ or “Let Sparks Fly” with the time of the send-off and that way your guests will know when to expect your send off to be able to participate, making your exit one they will talk about for years to come.

sparklers sendoff sign

3. Don’t Forget The Sparkler Tags for a Personalized Touch

Another way to make your sparklers look perfect on display is to add sparkler tags. These can be personalized to feature your name and wedding date. Guests can keep the tag as a sweet memory of your wedding, and you may want to keep a few to put into your wedding scrapbook. You can incorporate your wedding theme or colors with the tags as well since we carry 11 different colors!! It's important to note, however, that your guests should remove the tags from the sparklers before lighting them. These tags are not made from fireproof paper and could pose a fire hazard if they are left on once the sparkler has been lit.

wedding sparkler tags


You definitely won’t regret that you incorporated such a magical element into your special day with our wedding sparklers and wedding sparkler display accessories.