20" Gold Wire Sparklers - Wedding Exit
20" Gold Wire Sparklers - Wedding Exit
20" Gold Wire Sparklers - Wedding Celebration
20" Gold Wire Sparklers - Wedding Exit
20" Sparklers - Wedding Send Off
20" Gold Wire Sparklers - Wedding Celebration

20 Inch Sparklers Wedding Package

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20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

  • Burn time: 2 minutes
  • Ideal for up to 150 guests
  • Gold sparks with easy lite tips!

These are ideal for creating a glow effect as the couple departs from the ceremony. Our 20 inch gold wedding sparklers package is good for small to medium size weddings. They come with easy lite tips and are almost smokeless, with a burn time for approximately 2 minutes. These 20 inch sparklers for weddings are built on a thick piece of metal and burn with a brilliant gold spark.

How Many Wedding Sparklers Do I Need?

We recommend the 20 inch sparklers for sal in packages at weddings that will have 150 guests or less, this will give each guest a two minute burn time. If you are going to have more than 150 guests we suggest that you consider having 2 golden sparklers for each guest or you look at using the 36 inch sparklers that burn up to 4 minutes. This way you do not have to worry about having an exit where half of the lines sparklers have already burned out by the time you are leaving.

Sparklers for Drawing and Writing Words

20 inch gold sparklers burn virtually smokeless and are perfect to use when drawing words or shapes for unbelievable wedding photos. This looks amazing in high color photos as well as black and white photos. Talk to your photographer and see if they have done this before or have a suggestion of what you should do. Feel free to also look at the pictures on our web site that of other couples that have drawn the word “LOVE” or "Heart Shapes". If you want to know how to personally take these pictures look at our blog post on how to Photograph Wedding Sparklers Exits and how to capture drawing shapes and words.

Safe Use of Sparklers

For the safety of our customers, I Love Sparklers offers some simple guidelines including lighting sparkler favors and safety instructions in every order. All of our items are made for outdoor use only and we recommend using in wide open spaces for the utmost in safety. It is highly recommended that any guest that is intoxicated not use wedding sparkler favors and children should be supervised by an adult. When they are no longer in use, they should be disposed of in a bucket that is filled with either sand or water. Speak to your venue or coordinator in advance to ensure this will be available. Our galvanized, chalkboard, and brown display buckets can be used for display as well as disposal at the end of the evening. Order party sparklers and accessories today!