Gender Reveal Cannons

Beyond the baby bump, the next best “pop” comes from gender reveal cannons, announcing whether you’ll be having a boy or a girl. What comes out of the cannon is up to you--whether it’s confetti, powder, or both! All the effects are amazing and magical, especially when the colors communicate a special message.

What Are Gender Reveal Cannons? 

Gender reveal cannons have become a popular way to announce the gender of a baby—a happy surprise for both family and friends. Whether holding a get-together or sharing photo cards and social media photos later, gender reveal cannons are a fun, exciting, and affordable way to celebrate. 

How Do Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons Work? 

To use gender reveal confetti cannons, simply point up and away from the face and twist the bottom of the canister to release little pieces of confetti propelled by compressed air up to 20 feet high. Choose from 12” or 18” sizes, with the larger size delivering 25% more confetti. 

The gender reveal confetti is made of 2 color paper pieces, so it sparkles and shines in the light. Choose from “It’s a girl” pink, “It’s a boy” blue, or “It’s a surprise” neutrals like purple, green, or yellow. If you’re having fraternal twins of differing genders, you might also consider the confetti cannon package with two pink, two blue--and free bonus balloons. Please note, our confetti cannons, are made with biodegradable paper. 

How Do Gender Reveal Powder Cannons Work? 

Just as easy to use, the non-toxic, non-staining gender reveal powder cannons work by twisting the bottom of the canister to the left and the top of the canister to the right to release compressed air and a cloud of magnificent color. You’ll want to note the direction of the wind and have it at your back as you release the cannons for the best pictures. The powder is biodegradable for effortless cleanup. 

Should I Choose Confetti Cannons or Powder Cannons? 

The best way to choose whether to buy confetti cannons or powder cannons is to look at photographs of the special effects and determine which you prefer. But, then again, who says you have to choose just one? Many parents-to-be opt for both. The powder cannons tend to burst out a big cloud of instantaneous color which quickly disperses, while the confetti cannons produce a flurry of paper that slowly swirls to the ground. There are also cannons that contain both powder and confetti for your convenience. 

How Many Gender Reveal Cannons Do I Need? 

If you’re only buying gender reveal powder cannons or confetti cannons, you’ll want one for each parent. If you’re using both, you might have each parent use a different effect. Or you might have the parents release the powder cannons, flanked by siblings or grandparents with confetti cannons for maximum fun. You get a discount when you order five or more cannons--and orders over $50 ship free, so feel free to level up the celebration!


What Other Gender Reveal Party Supplies Are Trending? 

Special interests can be combined with gender reveal party supplies for a truly unique event. 

  • Motorcyclists and classic car lovers can use the gender reveal burnout kit to release a cloud of colored smoke behind their vehicles.
  • Sports fans can use the gender reveal baseball, basketball, or golf ball to make their announcement and winning shot.
  • Game lovers may be interested in the roulette game, which comes with two pink or blue powder cannons along with four white cannons, released in the order determined by a roll of the dice.
  • Want to prank your party or make a statement that any gender is fine by you? We also have joke confetti cannons that blast out rainbow-colored confetti. 

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