Party Sparklers

There are few party celebration supplies as mesmerizing as party sparklers. I Love Sparklers is a reliable source for high-quality sparklers that ignite quickly, burn for the stated time, and produce beautiful illumination. You can count on us for fast processing and shipping, which is also free on orders worth more than $50.

Fun Activities for Party Sparklers

There are countless ways to enjoy party sparklers. The only limit is your imagination! Popular activities include:

  • Sparkler Tunnels – Popularized by weddings, a sparkler tunnel can be created by having guests stand in two lines facing each other and holding their lit sparklers up in the air. The guests of honor can pass through the tunnel for a brilliant entry or exit to the event.
  • Party Candles Sparklers for Cakes – Instead of regular wax candles adorning the cake, why not a fountain of gold? Sparklers upgrade a cake from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Party Bottle Sparklers – Clip sparklers to beer, wine, or champagne bottles to strategically illuminate the room and add ambiance to a surprise party. We recommend using the 4-inch or 6-inch bottle top and cake sparklers that last for 45-60 seconds worth of razzle-dazzle.
  • Sparkler Shapes – Place sparklers into the ground in the shape of a star, heart, circle, lightning bolt, or whatever you choose. Have partygoers stand in the middle of the shape before lighting for a perfect picture.
  • Sparkler Writing – Gather several friends together. Set the DSLR camera shutter speed to three seconds. Have each person write a letter backward using a sparkler, taking about three seconds to make the letter.
  • Sparkler Play for Kids – There are many imaginative games kids enjoy playing with sparklers. They can write or draw their ABCs in the air with light. They can hold one in each hand and whirl them in circles to see if the circles touch. They can pretend to be a marching band leader or a symphony conductor. Sparkler dance parties are so much fun, regardless of your age.

Sparkler Safety Tips

Sparklers are a worthwhile addition to any celebration. They are almost smokeless and safe but must be used responsibly. Be sure all children (ages 5+) are supervised. Keep a galvanized bucket of sand or water nearby to dump used sparklers into. Use sparklers in an outdoor setting.

Where To Buy Sparklers Online

I Love Sparklers is a one-stop shop for party sparklers and birthday sparklers of all shapes and sizes. When you buy sparklers from us, you are guaranteed the utmost quality. Our products are, shipped from our Magnolia, TX warehouse, and delivered quickly via UPS Ground in 1-5 business days. Contact us if you have any questions about making your event a spectacular spectacle.