Birthday Sparklers

Birthday sparklers add an unexpected twist to the party. If you’re hosting an event for a friend or family member, you’re undoubtedly looking for ways to liven up the party décor. I Love Sparklers is a top destination for birthday celebration supplies that are fun, unique, and make a lasting impression.

High-Quality Birthday Sparklers

At I Love Sparklers, we use high-quality materials to ensure your candles light up quickly and without hassle. You can use these sparkler candles standalone or combine them with traditional candles to get the desired effect. You’ll want to have the camera ready once the birthday sparklers are lit to save these memories for years to come.

Birthday Candles Sparklers

Numbered birthday candles sparklers are a popular addition to cakes as a unique way to surprise and delight the guest of honor. Each number from 0-9 is individually wrapped and sold separately. Whether one year or 50 has passed, the recipient won’t be able to resist grinning ear-to-ear. Party guest reviewers have remarked these candles are “cool” and “impressive.” These candles burn just long enough to sing “Happy Birthday,” so you may want to consider other types of sparklers if you want a longer-lasting impact.

Birthday Cake Sparklers

The 4-inch bottle top birthday cake sparklers will emit a 10-inch fountain of golden sparkles for about 30 seconds. This showstopper comes with a one-inch-long plastic spike at the bottom that anchors the candle safely into food. Or you may also choose to purchase one of our bottle service clips and attach these birthday sparklers to wine, champagne, or beer bottles. Sold in a pack of four, you can be assured of a perfect presentation. If you want an even higher fountain, you may opt for the 6-inch bottle top sparklers, which produce a 50-second 12-16” high gold spark fountain.

Star-Shaped Birthday Cake Candles Sparklers

Practically Smokeless, star-shaped birthday cake candles sparklers come in packs of six and burn for about 50 seconds. Due to their affordability, many buyers purchase enough sparklers for every party guest to use for a big surprise. We recommend purchasing 10” lighting sparklers for quick and effortless ignition.

Long-Lasting Birthday Sparklers

If photographs and magic are your main desires, the 18-inch gold wire birthday sparklers will do the trick. Sold in a package of 24, these top-selling sparklers will burn for about 1.5 minutes. We also have bulk packages of 20” gold wedding sparklers that burn for up to two minutes. Some of the best photos involve birthday boys or girls writing out their ages with the sparklers.

Buy Sparklers Online

Contact I Love Sparklers if you have any questions before you buy sparklers online. Our warehouse is based in Magnolia, TX, so we offer fast UPS Ground shipping. Most orders arrive within 1-5 days, depending on your proximity to us. Orders placed before 3 pm Monday-Friday go out same-day. We can ship anywhere within the continental United States -- except Hawaii or Alaska, due to state regulations. Add a little sparkle to your next event with I Love Sparklers.