Planning for a wedding day is fun and stressful. Everything has to be perfect, right down to the wedding send-off. Make the final send-off a shining success with our large sparklers for weddings instead of rice or bubbles.

Why would someone choose our large sparklers over the traditional wedding style send offs? Sparklers are harmless. The children at the wedding will be able to enjoy them safely. 20 inch sparklers or 36 inch sparklers will not harm that beautiful wedding dress as the happy couple passes by. With over 2 minutes of glimmering shine on the 20 inch long sparklers and 4 minutes of long-lasting shine on the 36 inch long sparklers, the photographer can take wonderful pictures of the exit.

Not only are sparklers available in different sizes, but brides can also get them in different shapes, too. Consider heart-shaped sparklers or star-shaped sparklers for a wedding exit as you two run off to your new life. These will make great wedding sparklers pictures, shimmering in gold on color pictures or glowing white on black and white pictures.

Whether you choose the red hearts, the 20 inch sparklers, or 36 inch long sparklers for wedding send offs, your big day will be remembered, in hearts, minds and pictures, for years to come. Make the best memories you can with gorgeous wedding day sparklers.