Sparkler Display Buckets

Perfectionism goes hand-in-hand when planning a wedding. The idea is that the bride, groom, and guests enjoy themselves on the big day while the events unfold naturally without a hitch. Sparklers add a whimsical, festive touch to a wedding celebration, but there are logistical details to work out, too. For instance, where does one keep sparklers before they’re lit?

Many couples choose to display their sparklers in a bucket as an attractive and affordable solution. Sparkler buckets for weddings, available in 11 or 15-inch sizes, add to the ambiance, look great with any theme, and add to the magic and romance of the evening.

What can I use my sparkler display buckets for?

Our smokeless sparklers can be safely used outdoors for memorable pictures and lighthearted fun. In fact, sparkler buckets make an elegant centerpiece and provide a convenient way for every guest to participate in the fun, even if they don’t like to dance. The display buckets create a perfect spot to hold the sparklers until they are ready to be used and to dispose of the sparklers after use. You can touch it up or dress it down to hold the sparklers in style for a perfect and handcrafted display setup that has a personal touch.

How are sparklers used in weddings?

The most common trend in wedding sparklers is to use them in place of bubbles, rice, or confetti for the bride and groom send-off. However, you may also use sparklers for unforgettable photos with your wedding party, a unique and custom display setup to hold them before they are used or add unexpected pizzazz to cake-cutting by inserting sparklers to the top of the cake. How you plan to use your sparklers will dictate how many buckets you need and where you might want to place them. 

Which size and number of sparkler display buckets do I need?

  • Choose the 11-inch bucket to hold 50-100 20-inch sparklers
  • Choose the 15-inch bucket to hold 50-100 36-inch sparklers

When the last few sparklers have fizzled out, reuse your galvanized steel buckets for a decorative wedding favor display. We also recommend purchasing a few extra buckets to fill with water in case a guest wishes to extinguish a sparkler before it’s finished.

Sparkler bucket styles

Choose from galvanized steel, brown, or vintage-style chalkboard buckets. If you want to touch up your display, add a personal note next to the sparkler buckets on a sign or on the chalkboard of the display bucket using messages such as:

  • Sparkler send-off @ 10 o’clock!
  • Let love sparkle
  • Let love shine
  • Let the sparks fly
  • It started with a sparkle

You may write on chalkboard display buckets with regular chalk, or you may choose a chalk paint marker which is more vivid.

How soon can I get my metal sparkler buckets?

Our business is located in Magnolia, TX. Local orders placed in Montgomery County and Houston suburbs, like The Woodlands, Tomball, and Spring, can be received in as little as a day. National shipments generally arrive in one to five days. When you order $50 worth, the metal sparkler buckets ship free. Contact the I Love Sparklers team if you have any questions.