Independence Day / 4th of July Party Supplies

Independence Day is the perfect mid-summer celebration for friends and family to unite around the backyard BBQ and enjoy each other's company! Browse our array of party supplies for the 4th of July, featuring premium, smokeless gold wire 4th of July sparklers in multiple sizes, including bottle top sparklers and confetti cannons in red, white, and blue, to add a touch of spectacle and unforgettable moments to your gathering.

What Are the Best Independence Day Party Supplies?

Looking for affordable Independence Day party supplies to elevate the festive ambiance and captivate a crowd? Located in Magnolia, TX, I Love Sparklers presents an assortment of sparklers and confetti poppers for excitement and visual allure.

  • Sparklers create a jubilant atmosphere with shimmering lights, perfect for evening festivities and memorable photo opportunities.
  • Confetti poppers bring bursts of color and joy, enhancing the festive spirit of Independence Day gatherings, and they're great for both indoor and outdoor use, making them versatile additions to your party decor.

These two iconic 4th of July party supplies contribute to a lively and vibrant atmosphere that leaves guests with lasting memories of a festive, fun-filled celebration.

Choosing the Right 4th of July Sparklers for Your Party

Experience a dazzling cascade of sparks with our premium, smokeless gold wire 4th of July sparklers. Choose from a diverse range of sparklers tailored to your party style and desired burn time.

Burn Time


Sparkler Type

30 seconds

4" bottle top sparklers

Attaches to bottle or cake

45 seconds

10" sparklers

Traditional, handheld

50 seconds

6" bottle top sparklers

Attaches to bottle or cake

50 seconds

Star sparklers

Shaped, handheld

1.5 minutes

18" sparklers

Traditional, handheld

2 minutes

20" sparklers

Traditional, handheld

3.5 minutes

36" sparklers

Traditional, handheld


Before you buy sparklers, consider your intended use.

Choose shorter duration sparklers (30-60 seconds) for:

  • Quick photo snaps
  • Affordable party favors
  • Table decorations 
  • Safe enjoyment for children (under adult supervision) during firework festivities

Invest in longer duration sparklers (1-4 minutes) for:

  • Capturing unique "skywriting" photographs
  • Creating mesmerizing light tunnels
  • Extending firework festivities
  • Entertaining larger parties

Choosing the Right 4th of July Confetti Cannons for Your Crowd

Our 4th of July confetti cannons embody the patriotic fervor of Independence Day, with their exhilarating bursts of red, white, and blue confetti representing the American flag. 

Individual red, white, and blue confetti cannons are available separately for larger crowds, while smaller gatherings may benefit from the convenience of a red-white-blue mix in one cannon. Opt for shimmering metallic silver confetti cannons for an added touch of sophistication.

Designed with compressed air technology, our confetti cannons effortlessly release confetti up to 20 feet into the air with a simple twist mechanism, suitable for use even by children under adult supervision. 

Buy Your 4th of July Confetti Poppers and Holiday Party Sparklers Online

We recognize the importance of prompt delivery when it comes to holiday party sparklers and confetti cannons. That's why I Love Sparklers has partnered with UPS Ground to provide swift, affordable, and dependable shipping from our warehouse located in Magnolia, TX. Orders typically arrive within 1-5 business days. We recommend ordering at least seven to ten days before the 4th of July to ensure your items arrive on time. Plus, you'll enjoy complimentary shipping if you place a bulk order totaling $50 or more.