Handheld Confetti & Streamer Cannons

Twist, pop, wow! Confetti cannons mark the high point of a celebration. From the initial surprise “bang” to the bright, swirling paper rain, audiences won’t soon forget this captivating explosion of color.

What are confetti cannons? 

Unlike old school confetti party poppers, confetti cannons deliver a high-energy blast of captivating colorful confetti above the crowd. Unforgettable handheld confetti cannons are available in sizes of 12-inches and/or 18-inches. They are 2-inches in diameter, but the cannons can easily shoot biodegradable confetti up to 15-20 feet into the air. Streamer cannons are very similar but blast out spiral pieces rather than flat confetti.

To use, simply hold with one hand, twist the bottom with the other hand, and aim straight up, away from the face. The compressed air will do the rest. As the cannons do not have combustible materials, they are smoke-free and safe to use indoors or outdoors. 

Why should I use handheld confetti cannons at my next event?

Handheld confetti cannons have become a hot trend at baby showers and gender reveal parties, but they can make any occasion more exciting and memorable. For instance, there are:

Whatever the occasion, compressed air confetti poppers will guarantee your special day is a blast!

How many confetti poppers do I need?

Birthday parties and photoshoots generally use five or more cannons to make beautiful memories. Gender reveal parties use two or more depending on how many guests are attending to create a bright ambiance of blue or pink. At weddings, two confetti poppers will be enough to cover the happy couple during their first dance, or you can shower the entire dance floor using five to ten cannons. For the most dramatic effect, you may consider using multiple confetti cannons to create a larger display of confetti to celebrate with.

Where do you ship confetti?

Our Magnolia, TX-based company can quickly deliver confetti to Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, Tomball, and anywhere in Montgomery County. We also ship products to nearly every state within one to five days, free of charge for orders over $50. Due to regulations, we are unable to internationally. Contact I Love Sparklers with any questions about placing an order.