Powder Cannons

I Love Sparklers’ high-quality powder cannons are reliable and guaranteed to launch! No matter the occasion, a color, powder cannon adds excitement and photo-worthy effects to your special event.

Powder Cannons for Gender Reveal Parties

It’s the moment party guests have all been waiting for-- when the parents-to-be announce the gender of their baby! Now names can be considered, nursery walls can be painted, clothing and gifts purchased, and a clearer picture of the new family dynamic can be envisioned. Cutting into a pink or blue cake is old news. The latest trend is to deploy color powder and confetti cannons that reveal a brilliant “pink” or “blue” cloud of powder and blast of biodegradable tissue paper confetti. If you are wanting to enhance the reveal, even more, check out our powder and confetti cannons that are sure to excite all your guests!

Forget Powder Smoke Cannons! Choose A Safer Surprise!

Though they are often called “powder smoke cannons,” the term is a bit of a misnomer here, as there is nothing combusting or smoking. By contrast, the powder cannons for gender reveal found at I Love Sparklers produce a similar effect, using nothing more than compressed air and colored starch powder.

How To Use Color Powder Cannons

With a simple twist-and-pop release, these festive cannons release non-toxic, water-soluble dyed corn starch powder up to 15 feet in the air. Aim upward and away from the face and get your photographers ready for a memorable image. Our cannons are discreetly marked, so only you will be able to tell which color will come out.   

Occasions for Color Fun Powder Cannons

Gender reveal parties aren’t the only occasion where color fun powder cannons can be used to make an event more exciting and festive. You may have seen powder cannons at a Holi Festival, Festival of Colors, or color run. They also make fun photos for graduation parties or first birthday parties. Our powder cannons come in green, orange, yellow, purple and white.

How Fast Will I Get My Powder Cannons?

Orders of powder cannons made before 3 pm will ship out via UPS same-day and arrive in 1-4 business days. We are located in Magnolia, TX, so shipments within the state generally arrive in a day. Expect your shipment in two days for Midwestern states; three days to the Northeast or the Rocky Mountain states and California; four days to the Northwest, Dakotas, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico-- and five days to remote parts of Nevada. Orders over $50 ship free of charge. We offer fast, affordable shipping and superb customer service to ensure your total satisfaction.