Yellow Powder Cannon
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Yellow Powder Cannon

Yellow Powder Cannon

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A yellow powder cannon adds a pop of bold color and carefree fun to a special event, whether it’s a festival like Holi, a color run, parade, wedding, sporting event, or gender reveal party. I Love Sparklers ships high-quality, easy-to-use party accessories quickly, at an affordable price, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What Does a Yellow Powder Cannon Mean?

At India’s annual springtime festival, yellow Holi powder cannons can symbolize knowledge, learning, happiness, meditation, and peace. In the chakras, yellow is the solar plexus-- the color of willpower, energy, metabolism, meditation, and social activity. At weddings, yellow can be a cheerful, light, airy, spring, or summer color.

Why Are Yellow Gender Reveal Powder Cannons Used?

Yellow is sometimes used at pregnancy announcement parties prior to 20 weeks before a gender is known or in lieu of the traditional “gender reveal” party colors of blue and pink. Yellow powder cannons can show that the family wishes to be surprised on the big day or that the couple de-emphasizes the significance of gender and welcomes any baby, boy, or girl.

Why Buy a Yellow Compressed Air Powder Cannon?

Yellow compressed air powder cannons use no pyrotechnics or Tannerite. The “pop” they make is due to the release of compressed air-- much like a champagne cork popping. However, there is enough compressed air in the 2x16” canister to shoot the powder up to 15 feet in the air, so it’s a lot of fun and makes for great pictures! To deploy, users simply hold it with one hand while pointing upward and twist the bottom with the other hand to release the yellow powder.

Are Yellow Biodegradable Powder Poppers Earth-Friendly?

Yellow biodegradable powder poppers are made from earth-friendly materials like corn starch or rice powder, dyed with non-toxic, food-grade coloring. Once released into the air, the powder typically blows away in the wind. Any remaining powder easily washes away with the rain or in the laundry machine without staining.

Mix and Match with Other Color Powder Cannons

I Love Sparklers offers a full range of color powder cannons in every color of the rainbow, so you can mix and match however you see fit. Buyers commonly purchase powder cannons with color for Mardi Gras, Holi Festival, weddings, gender reveal parties, and 5k color runs-- but you can use them for any special occasion to add interactive fun and create memorable photos.

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We ship yellow powder cannons same-day (on orders placed before 3 pm) or next-business-day (for orders placed after 3 pm). Your order will arrive in one to five business days via UPS Ground. Orders over $50 ship free. You may also stop by our Magnolia, TX warehouse for curbside pickup if you live near Houston. Thank you for choosing I Love Sparklers to help make your day special. Be sure to tag us @ILoveSparklers.