Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers:

We ship all over the contiguous US. Please note that we are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii or international locations due to federal and/or state regulations.

If your order is placed before 3pm CST it will ship out the same day. Shipping time from our warehouse to a continental US address is 1 to 5 days depending on your location.

We do not have a store front, we are more of a warehouse. We do offer pick-ups from our location: 40920 Community Rd. Magnolia, TX 77354. To schedule a pick up, you must place an order online and select the store pick up option.

Standard delivers are anytime between 9am-7pm. If you by chance know what time you usually receive packages then that's around the time they should deliver.

We are located in Magnolia, TX which is about 45 minutes Northwest of Houston, TX. Our address is: 40920 Community Rd. Magnolia, TX 77354

The delivery day given is what the shipping company is telling us, and 99% of the time, it is correct. Due to weather conditions or any other issues, there could be a delay, but it is not common. Once we ship the item from our warehouse, it is out of our control with transit.

Here is the link to start a return process on an order you would like to return to us: https://www.sparklersrus.com/pages/shipping-and-return-policy

The best way to light multiple sparklers in a small amount of time is to light the provided 10 inch sparklers with a butane lighter and use them to light the other sparklers. Have 2-4 people be the designated lighters to walk down the two rows of guests lighting the bigger sparklers. DO NOT use matches. They do not get hot enough to light any sparklers.

Besides the burn time of the 20 inch sparkler being 2 minutes and the 36 inch sparkler burning for 4 minutes it depends on how you want your sparkler exit to look. If you are looking for more of an arch way then the 36-inch sparklers would be ideal for this type of effect. If you are wanting any time of drawing photos with sparklers then our 20-inch sparklers would be recommended.

Our wedding sparklers have a shelf life of 3-5 years, so if you wanted to order in advance that would be completely fine. When storing the sparklers, just make sure that they are kept away from moisture as any kind of moisture could ruin the sparklers.

No, sparklers that burn a silver color when lit are not to be sold in the US because they put off a toxic smoke when burning. If you are looking for more of a white sparkle from the sparklers in pictures it is something the photographer can provide you with a setting on their camera or edited photos.

There is no such thing as a smokeless sparkler but our sparklers are low smoke. They create 75% less smoke than other sparklers. This keeps the photos from looking foggy or filled with smoke.

Our sparklers are made with a thicker, stronger metal that makes it put off a better spark and not bend. Our sparklers burn the correct burn time as listed.

The packages come with the quantity of sparklers purchased, an instruction card on tips and how to light the sparklers, a one sleeve of our FREE 10 inch sparklers to help light the larger sparklers.

We usually recommend going by the guest count you will have. If you will have less than 150 guest we suggest the 20-inch sparklers. If you are having more than 150 guests, we suggest getting the 36-inch sparklers for the longer burn time.

Our sparklers burn a gold spark and the sparkler itself is a gray color. However, you can spray paint the sparkler any color you would like and it will not interfere with the lighting process of the sparklers.

Typically, there is a misunderstanding of what the definition of what a “cold” sparkler is. A cold sparkler is not available to a standard consumer and still produces sparks that will burn an extremely hot temperature and can cause fire. It is a special effects item that needs to have a license to be purchased.

No, sparklers are not recommended to be used indoors. They give off smoke that can cause fire alarms to set off and cause other hazards by the sparks that come from the sparkler.