Color Powder Extinguishers

Add a splash of exhilaration to your next celebration with Color Powder Extinguishers, also known as Color Powder Blasters, from I Love Sparklers. The pink and blue gender reveal powder blasters are 12 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter. Other fun colors, like green or red, are 10 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter. Both contain cornstarch and food dye. Much like our conventional color powder cannons, a simple compressed air mechanism releases a burst of brilliant powder, perfect for elevating color runs, gender reveals, Holi festivals, and more.

Color Powder Blasters: Crafted for Fun, Engineered for Safety

At I Love Sparklers, we prioritize the safety of our customers without compromising on the thrill of the moment. These extinguishers undergo rigorous testing to guarantee they meet the highest safety standards.

All Color Powder Fire Extinguishers contain 100% natural cornstarch and food dye. Additionally, they are equipped with safety features that prevent accidental spraying, ensuring a hassle-free and fun celebration.

Though the powder is non-toxic and non-irritating, we advise wearing protective eyewear when operating them and a mask or gaiter for those with respiratory sensitivities to enhance safety. 

Color Run Fire Extinguisher: Elevate Your Event

If you're organizing or participating in a color run, elevate the exhilaration with Color Powder Extinguishers. As participants dash through the course, deploying color run fire extinguishers adds unexpected fun. For maximum impact, ask that runners wear white t-shirts to prepare for the showering kaleidoscope of colors. With every squeeze of the extinguisher, mesmerizing and photo-worthy moments are created that participants will be talking about long after they cross the finish line.

Holi Powder Extinguisher: Deepen the Vibrancy of Your Celebration

Looking for a more effective way to disperse Holi powder? As you join the jubilant crowds celebrating the triumph of good over evil, our Color Powder Extinguishers add a dramatic burst of color to the festivities. Choose from a dazzling array of hues, including traditional colors like red, yellow, and green, symbolizing love, prosperity, and new beginnings. With each spray, the air comes alive with immersive color, reflecting the joy and unity of this beloved festival. Embrace the magic of Holi and create unforgettable memories with our Holi Powder Extinguishers.

Gender Reveal Color Powder Extinguishers: Surprise With Pink or Blue

Color Powder Fire Extinguishers are one of the newest and hottest baby gender reveal products on the market. Picture the scene as you and your loved ones gather, eagerly awaiting the big reveal. With a simple squeeze, our extinguishers release a cloud of pink for girls or blue for boys, enveloping the moment in joy, magic, and wonder.

Combine with other types of baby gender reveal cannons like confetti or streamer cannons to enhance the effect. Our wide range of gender reveal celebration supplies gives you countless ways to share joy and capture priceless memories on film.

How to Ignite the Excitement With Powder Fire Extinguishers

Using our Color Powder Extinguishers is a breeze. Upon receiving your extinguishers, simply remove the safety features as instructed. Start by cutting or tearing off the zip tie that secures the pin in place, then carefully remove it. Finally, extract the plastic wedge located between the upper and lower handle. With these steps completed, you're ready to unleash a vibrant spray of color and set the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

Experience the Magic of Color Powder Extinguishers

Explore our selection of Color Powder Extinguishers today and make your celebration truly unforgettable. We ship promptly from our warehouse in Magnolia, TX. Order bulk supplies for your event and save with deep discounts. Join countless satisfied customers who have turned to I Love Sparklers for all their party celebration supplies.

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