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Welcome to I Love Sparklers

Wedding sparklers are beautiful, safe, and always a joy. We offer sparklers for weddings that come in multiple sizes and styles so you can incorporate them into any ceremony. Our smokeless sparklers are dazzling in the daytime, but truly show their brilliance at night. Have guests use them after the ceremony to congratulate the couple on the way to the reception. Distribute our bulk wedding sparklers to light an outdoor dance floor as the newly married couple embraces for the first time. Send them off to their honeymoon once all of the celebrating has commenced. Wedding sparklers light up the festivities in so many ways that many couples may want to use them all day long.

Smokeless Sparklers for All Occasions

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, holiday, baby’s gender
reveal, or other festive occasion, create magical moments and capture beautiful
photos with our almost smokeless sparklers, confetti cannons, and party accessories. We deliver
high-quality, affordable products promptly with exceptional customer service!

Dazzling gold sparks evoke a sense of wonder and excitement
suitable for a variety of celebrations. We sell 10, 20, and 36-inch sparklers for wedding sendoffs,
birthday parties, New Year’s Eve, Independence Day, and more. Burn times last
for 40 seconds to 4 minutes and you can buy in bulk to suit events both big and

Sparkler Tags

Jazz up your happy occasion with sparkler favor tags that
come in multiple shapes and colors. For weddings, we can also customize with
your names and wedding date to create a beautiful memento of your special

Sparkler Display Buckets

Our galvanized metal buckets display up to 50 tagged or 100
untagged sparklers and can be filled with water or sand to safely and easily extinguish
your sparklers. Choose from shiny metal, rustic brown, or chalkboard to match
your desired décor.

Confetti Cannons for Weddings and More Celebrations

Elevate your party to the realm of extraordinary and leave a
lasting impression on the crowd with an exhilarating cloud of color released up
to 15 feet high using compressed air. Confetti cannons create a stunning
visual element that uplifts the atmosphere, excites the crowd, and makes for
beautiful photos. We’ve got what you need for any big celebration or life
milestone, whether it’s white confetti for
baby showers or baptisms, multi-color confetti for parades, or shiny
silver and gold for New Year’s.

Powder Cannons

A top seller for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and gender
reveals, our powder cannons release water-soluble dyed corn starch in a vibrant
hue of your choice. 

Confetti Cannons

Our confetti cannons come in shiny, reflective mylar for
indoor or low-light settings as well as water-soluble, biodegradable paper for
effortless cleanup at an outdoor event. Choose from any and every color of the
rainbow—or special assortments for the Fourth of July and Mardi Gras.   

Streamer Cannons

If you prefer a slow-swirling effect, try streamer cannons
which are cut into long ribbons rather than small square pieces. Choose from
gold, silver, or gender reveal pink and blue.

Gender Reveal Celebration Items

Add an extra level of anticipation and spectacle to your
party with immersive gender reveal confetti cannons or gender reveal
powder cannons.
Discreetly marked, your guests won’t know whether the
cannister contains pink for girls or blue for boys until launch. Our products
are easy to operate and totally safe, using compressed air for the big reveal.
In addition to traditional handheld gender reveal cannons, we also sell
unique items like gender reveal baseballs, basketballs, and even “burnout kits”
that create a dramatic cloud of non-toxic blue or pink smoke when you rev your
car’s engine.

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