Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Finding out the gender of your baby is one of the first big surprises during pregnancy. You may have held off on painting the nursery, purchasing clothes, or choosing a name up until this point. Family and friends have no doubt been asking you whether you’re having a girl or a boy. Gender reveal party supplies ensure that the moment you’re all anticipating is a delightful surprise.

What gender reveal party supplies do I need?

I Love Sparklers offers a few of the most-sought-after gender reveal party supplies, including:

  • Gender Reveal Burnout Kits – Car and motorcycle enthusiasts can rev the engine and take off in a cloud of water-soluble pink or blue smoke. Buy two kits-- one for each rear tire-- for maximum effect.
  • Gender Reveal Baseballs – Choose from powder or a combination of powder and confetti for your all-star reveal. Children as young as three can hit the ball, or you can have dad hit that grand slam.
  • Gender Reveal Basketballs – Whether you were a high school basketball star or love March Madness, slam dunk or hit the backboard to release the non-toxic blue or pink powder and impress your guests.
  • Gender Reveal Soccer Balls – Children as young as five or six can kick this gender reveal soccer ball for a vibrant cloud of color to discover whether they’ll be welcoming a brother or sister into the world.
  • Gender Reveal Golf Balls – Was your first date a round of mini golf? Does the baby’s father enjoy golfing with coworkers? A hit to this ball will unleash a puff of vibrant, non-toxic pink or blue powder into the air for a picture-perfect announcement.

How Fast Will I Get My Baby Gender Reveal Party Supplies?

Orders of baby gender reveal party supplies made before 3 pm will ship out via UPS same-day and arrive in 1-4 business days. We are located in Magnolia, TX, so shipments within the state generally arrive in a day. Expect your shipment in two days for Midwestern states; three days to the Northeast or the Rocky Mountain states and California; four days to the Northwest, Dakotas, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico-- and five days to remote parts of Nevada. Orders over $50 ship free of charge. Check out our full line of gender reveal cannons to complete your gender reveal celebration.