Gender Reveal Soccer Ball
Gender Reveal Soccer Ball
Gender Reveal Soccer Ball

Gender Reveal Soccer Ball

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Soccer fans will love these gender reveal soccer balls. Get ready for your shot to see the gender of your newest family member! This ball creates the ultimate reveal for any soccer fan!  Watch the suspense build as you get ready to score the goal of your life!

Item Includes:

- Soccer ball shell

- 1 bag of pink powder 

- 1 bag of blue powder

Our gender reveal soccer balls are easy to put together. To assemble the soccer ball, simply open the pink or blue bag and carefully add the powder into the shell, then snap it shut. Your soccer ball is now ready to go for a big goal. 

These gender reveal soccer balls are strong enough not to break if accidentally dropped on grass but once they are kicked, expect a tremendous cloud of color.  The powder for each ball is made from dyed cornstarch so it is safe and non-toxic too. 

If you place the order before 3 pm CST, we will ship the order out the same day. If you use one of our products for your gender reveal party, we would love to see it! Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook or Instagram!