Graduation Party Supplies

Graduation is one of life’s most exciting moments! What better cause to celebrate than this important milestone? Use our premium gold wire sparklers for magical senior pictures, or get the party started with exhilarating, air-powered confetti cannons. Browse our curated collection of indispensable graduation party supplies and novelties to take your milestone celebration to the next level.

Highlight Your Achievements With Premium Graduation Sparklers 

•    Graduation party sparklers add a touch of sparkle to your grand entrance. 
•    “Shoot for the stars” with celestial-shaped sparklers that burn for 30 seconds. 
•    Place numbered sparklers into your graduation cake to show off the year. 
•    Jazz up cakes or champagne bottles with bottle top sparklers. 
•    Snap photos with friends using 10-inch sparklers that burn for 45 seconds. 
•    Crank the aperture, turn your camera’s ISO down low, and air-write sparkler messages.
•    Form a tunnel of light using premium 18-inch sparklers that burn for up to 3 minutes.

Vibrant Graduation Confetti Cannons Offer A Burst of Excitement

•    Kick off your party with graduation confetti cannons filled with a vibrant cascade of colored paper. 
•    Handheld cannons are fun for everyone with a simple release of compressed air.
•    Coat the outdoors in school-colored biodegradable confetti that dissolves in the rain.
•    In dim indoor settings, revel in how the metallic confetti dances in the light.
•    Use graduation confetti poppers to create colorful pictures and memories of your day.

Shop I Love Sparklers For Unique Graduation Celebration Supplies

I Love Sparklers makes it easy and affordable to add a “wow” factor to your graduation event with top-notch party celebration supplies that make your special days even more unique and memorable. 

From dazzling party sparklers to vibrant confetti poppers, we have everything you need to celebrate your achievements in style. Whether you’re celebrating at school, in the backyard, or at a reception venue, you can bring your compact, portable party supplies with you. 

We’ll ship your items from our warehouse in Magnolia, TX, via UPS Ground and give you a bulk discount on five or more items. We recommend ordering at least seven to ten days before your graduation date to ensure your items arrive on time. 

Remember to tag us on social media @ILoveSparklers. We’d love to see how we’ve helped make your graduation celebration truly one-of-a-kind.