Galvanized Display Bucket - Sparkler Tags - 11" & 15"
Galvanized Display Bucket - Sparkler Tags - 11"
Galvanized Display Bucket - Sparkler Tags - 15"
Galvanized Display Bucket - 11"
Galvanized Display Bucket - 15"

Galvanized Display Bucket

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Ready to light up your wedding night with a whimsical sparkler display? Our galvanized wedding sparkler display buckets are perfect for a modern or formal/traditional theme.

We recommend the 11-inch bucket for our 20-inch sparklers and the 15-inch bucket for our 36-inch sparklers. Both buckets hold up to 50 sparklers WITH wedding sparkler display tags and 100 sparklers WITHOUT wedding sparkler display tags.

Incorporating any of our galvanized display buckets into your wedding send-off is sure going to add that final, ideal touch! If you want to include a little flare to your display, add on our charming wedding sparkler tags to your sparklers.

How to Use a Galvanized Display Bucket

A galvanized bucket for sparklers can be used indoors or outdoors. While the brown and chalkboard display buckets carry more of a country-chic or vintage theme, the shiny metal buckets are a nice complement to modern décor.

There are a number of places to set up sparkler buckets:

  • At the main reception table
  • On each guest table
  • At the start and finish of the send-off line

Now that you’ve got a place to store the wedding sparklers before and after use, don’t forget to bring a few extra lighters. Depending on your venue setup, you may also need jugs or pitchers of water to fill the buckets when it’s time. 

Do You Need Multiple Galvanized Display Buckets for Sparklers?

Most wedding planners buy more than one galvanized display bucket for sparklers.

Either bucket will fit up to 100 sparklers. However, if you choose to add our charming wedding sparkler tags the buckets will fit 50 sparklers, so you may need a few extra. You’ll also need to consider where the buckets are going and how they’ll be used—whether for centerpiece décor, utilitarian function, or extinguishing sparklers.

Why Should You Choose a Galvanized Bucket for Wedding Reception Decor?

A galvanized bucket for wedding parties is particularly recommended if your wedding is outdoors or if you’ll be filling the bucket with water. Galvanization coats metal with a thin layer of zinc that acts as a barrier to moisture to help prevent rust. Choose this display bucket if “sleek, shiny, and durable” is your preference.

We also offer a chalkboard wedding display bucket if you’d like the option to add a personalized message.

I Love Sparklers’ Galvanized Wedding Sparklers Display Bucket Can Be Reused

After your wedding, you can use your galvanized wedding sparklers display bucket as outdoor décor in your garden. Galvanized metal will last 35 to 50 years in the harshest soils and over 75 years in less corrosive soil. Humidity and rain-resistant sparkler buckets are also great for floral arrangements, storage, and gifting.

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Amazing for my wedding


Amazing for my wedding

Tabbetha H.
Memorial for Husband

I had a one year memorial for my husband’s passing. They were great no problems. I will definitely order again

Brenda H.
Great Display Bucket

Works great, very handy to have for sparklers!

Verified B.