Chalkboard Display Bucket - Sparkler Tags - 11" & 15"
Chalkboard Display Bucket - Sparkler Tags - 11"
Chalkboard Display Bucket - Sparkler Tags - 15"
Chalkboard Display Bucket - 11"
Chalkboard Display Bucket - 15"

Chalkboard Display Bucket

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Sparklers make a magnificent party favor and picture-perfect highlight for your wedding. Our chalkboard wedding sparkler display buckets are perfect for a country chic or vintage theme. Sparklers can get pretty hot at the ends, so you’ll need a safe place to discard them when everyone’s done with the send-off, first dance, cake cutting, or photo opp.

A chalkboard display bucket is the choice for weddings that feature wedding sparklers. We recommend the 11-inch bucket for our 20-inch sparklers and the 15-inch bucket for our 36-inch sparklers. Both of these buckets will hold up to 50 sparklers WITH wedding sparkler display tags and 100 sparklers WITHOUT any display tags.

How to Use a Chalkboard Display Bucket

There are several options for where to put our chalkboard wedding sparkler display buckets:

  • Add one to four chalkboard display buckets on the reception table where the guest book and gifts go.
  • Add a chalkboard bucket to every table as a centerpiece and way of disseminating favors.
  • Put four buckets outside at the start and end of the sendoff lines.

Simply fill the buckets with water or sand to easily extinguish and discharge hot sparklers.

Why Choose a Sparklers Display Bucket With Chalkboard?

Chalkboards are popular rustic wedding décor, along with mason jars and burlap. Besides the lowkey ambiance, the sparklers display bucket with a chalkboard personalizes your decorations with a special handwritten message. Common messages people like to write include:

  • Mr & Mrs.
  • [Couple’s Surname]
  • Thank you
  • Sparkler send-off
  • A little sparkle goes a long way
  • Let love sparkle
  • Let the sparks fly
  • Light the way for [Name] & [Name]
  • The future is bright

Regular writing chalk—white or colored—may be used on the chalkboard, so there is no need to track down special supplies, though chalk markers look great too. Plain water and a towel will wash the chalk off best.

Use Your I Love Sparklers’ Chalkboard Sparkler Display Bucket Time and Time Again!

In addition to using this charming chalkboard sparkler display bucket for your wedding, you can reuse it for Independence Day sparklers, floral arrangements, gifts, storage, indoor or outdoor décor, and DIY projects.

Customer Reviews

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Dana L.
Great Products

I love the Display bucket, but we did not get to use it or the sparklers purchased due to a downpour at the wedding! Hopefully we can use the sparklers on July 4th!

Sandy H.
Sparkler Send Off

The customer service from I Love Sparklers was fantastic!! They came quickly and it was great to be able to talk to a live person. I will definitely use then for future party events and items!

Susan H.

We had a sparkler send off for daughters wedding. It was so fun! Sparklers were great and bought the bucket to put them in. Perfect!!!
Fast shipping. 😀

S. G.
Great fun

We used the sparklers for a wedding send off for a bride and groom. It was easy to light them and use.

Verified B.