Party Supplies

A few props and party supplies go a long way creating a festive atmosphere full of surprise, excitement, and memorable moments. I Love Sparklers got its start with party sparklers for Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, weddings, birthdays, and graduations. We’ve branched out to include popular party confetti cannons, streamers, and poppers. If your event needs extra pizzazz, you can count on us for fast shipping at no charge on orders over $50. 


Party Sparklers

Choose from a variety of sparklers to capture the perfect photo at your birthday, wedding, graduation, New Year’s Eve party, wedding anniversary, shower, or holiday celebration.

  • Shape Sparklers - We offer party sparklers in the shape of numbers, stars or hearts, which kids love at birthdays, as well as Valentine parties, and bridal showers.
  • Gold Wire Sparklers - Light up the room for 45 seconds with our traditional 10-inch gold wire sparklers, which come in a package of 40. Or choose a longer second burn time of 1.5 minutes with a 24-pack of our 18-inch gold wire sparklers-- a big hit for wedding photos and couple sendoffs.
  • Fountain Sparklers - The 4-inch cake/bottle-top sparklers can last 30 seconds, displaying a 10-inch fountain or 50 seconds, displaying a 12-16-inch fountain if you select the 6-inch cake/bottle-top sparklers.

 Party Confetti Cannons

Party confetti cannons and streamer cannons are made with non-toxic, biodegradable, or water-soluble materials. Hold with both hands, give a little twist, and watch a snowfall of color gently float down around your party guests. These poppers shoot approximately 15-feet in the air and can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Color Confetti Cannons - Confetti cannons come in many colors, depending on your theme or celebration. You might choose white for a wedding or first birthday party, black, and gold for New Year’s or a gala event, green/purple/yellow for Mardi Gras, red hearts for Valentine’s Day. Silver, gold and multi-color confetti are suitable for any occasion.
  • Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons – Pink or blue confetti cannons are popular trends for gender reveal parties and baby showers. Twist and pop to shoot confetti high up into the air. Powder cannons are another option we carry that you may consider for your big moment.

Party Celebration Supplies Shipping Info

I Love Sparklers is a family-owned company that provides high-quality products and customer service. We are devoted to your complete satisfaction. Order before 3 pm to receive orders the next business day in Texas, or within 1-4 business days elsewhere in the country, via UPS. Items that are flammable or use compressed air must be shipped ground and may not be delivered to Hawaii or Alaska due to state regulations.

We offer free shipping on orders over $50. Contact us directly if you are cutting it close or have other questions about your order. We want your next event to be your best!