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Gender Reveal Burnout Kit

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 This is the Gender Reveal Surprise for all the car racing enthusiasts out there. A gender reveal burnout kit releases a shock of bright Pink or Blue to delight family and friends. 

What Comes in a Gender Reveal Burnout Kit?

This kit comes with everything you need, including double-sided gender reveal burnout tape and a 2 lb. bag of non-toxic, biodegradable powder. We recommend buying two kits--one for each tire--for a dramatic smoke cloud effect that none of your guests will miss. Be sure to delegate a photographer to capture the big announcement!

Ideas for a Gender Reveal Tire Burnout Kit

There are several ways to use the powder in this gender reveal tire burnout kit:

  • Cut the corner of each 2 lb. bag and use a funnel to pack the powder into the exhaust.
  • Use the provided double-sided tape to affix a 2 lb. bag on the ground in front of the back tires.

No matter which method you choose, we recommend a trial run before the big reveal to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Is Gender Reveal Burnout Powder Safe?

Our non-toxic powder is made of corn starch and natural food dye that is safe for your vehicle and simply washes away with water. Tires, however, are made of rubber--so we recommend that you do the burnout in a large, open outdoor area that quickly dilutes the smoke. The cloud will be highly visible, so have your guests and the expectant mother stand far away from the car.

Is a Gender Reveal Burnout Legal?

Burnouts are illegal on public property. Performing a gender reveal burnout on private property is generally allowable. However, you may want to talk to your neighbors before the big event. You may also find the best place to do a gender reveal burnout is on private property, set back from a main road, during regular daytime hours.

Where to Buy Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Choose I Love Sparklers for all your gender reveal party supplies. Check out our gender reveal confetti cannons or gender reveal powder cannons to add extra effects to the air. We ship from the USA, with most orders arriving from our Magnolia, TX warehouse within a week. Every order placed by 2 pm CST will ship out the same day. Contact us if you need to keep your baby’s gender a surprise until the big moment of reveal, and we’ll walk you through the ordering process.


Here is an example on how to do the burn out: 

Customer Reviews

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Cayle R.

Works really well! Totally get your money’s worth!!!

Amanda H.
Great customer service!

Fantastic! Was a very memorable experience!

Lateefah A.
Bad Experience

Horrible, The box didn’t come with no instructions on where to insert the powder, A waste of money.

Erika R.

We couldn’t be happier! The reveal was so memorable and the product worked perfectly! Thank you for making our day extra special. My husband was especially excited to be doing the burnout and reveal our baby boy is on the way!!

Daisy M.

Didn’t “burn out” how I wanted it