18" Gender Reveal Powder Cannon - Blue
Blue Gender Reveal Powder Cannons
18" Gender Reveal Powder Cannon - Blue - Celebration
18" Gender Reveal Powder Cannon - Blue - Celebration
Blue Gender Reveal Powder Cannons

Blue Gender Reveal Powder Cannons

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Blue gender reveal powder cannons have become a popular way to welcome a baby boy into this world with festivity and excitement. A release of colored powder into the air not only announces the surprise but produces a beautiful photographic effect for this unforgettable moment.

How To Use a Blue Gender Reveal Powder Cannon

Even a child can easily use a blue gender reveal powder cannon, though we recommend adult supervision. The most important factor is to hold the cannon pointed upward and away from anyone’s face. They work using compressed air, shooting non-toxic, biodegradable powder up to 20 feet in the air. Canisters are discreetly marked, so no one will know which color is inside. Then, with a simple twist, the blue powder bursts a cloud of vibrant powder-- much like you see at a color run or Holi Festival. The powder will then blow or wash away, without staining, when you’re done.

Options for a Blue Powder Cannon – and Other Baby Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Our 18-inch blue powder cannon is a top seller for gender reveal parties. We also offer a whole range of party supplies to choose from, including 12” and 18” blue confetti cannons, blue powder, and confetti cannons, gender reveal push poppers, sparklers, and more. Buyers choose powder cannons because they like the surprising and colorful “blue smoke” effect. Combining powder with confetti can make the moment last a little longer.

How Many Gender Reveal Powder Cannons Do I Need?

The 18-inch gender reveal powder cannons deploy a cloud of color 20 feet up in the air. Most parties order at least two cannons – one for each parent. If there are older siblings, excited cousins, or proud grandparents, you may consider purchasing a few more. We recommend using at least 10 cannons for the most dramatic effect. 

When To Expect Your Powder Cannons

I Love Sparklers offers speedy, reliable shipping from our warehouse in Magnolia, TX. Orders placed before 3 pm go out the same day. Orders after 3 pm go out the next business day. Your powder cannons should arrive in one to five business days.

If you live in or near Houston, you may also arrange curbside pickup. Orders worth $50 or more ship free of charge. We look forward to helping you create the perfect celebration for the newest member of your family. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @ILoveSparklers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Ali P.

We bought 2 of these these for a gender reveal and they were awesome!! The color was bold and the smoke was thick and left no doubt that that my daughter was having a boy. Everybody loved them. They came packaged with a "Top Secret" card so you can be sure you received the right color and and the outside of the cannon is labeled with either a 1 or 2 so that the couple nor the guest can identify the color. I highly recommend these and will definitely order from this company again. I just wish there was a way to attach a picture or a video so you could see how amazing they are! If that option is available I will be uploading one.

Jason B.

They worked perfectly. Quality was outstanding. Ordering and shipping was fast and easy. I ordered by phone.

Jo A.

We used the pink because we are having a GIRL :) We used a combo of one pink powder cannon and one pink confetti cannon because they were out of the confetti-powder combo and the pictures turned out GREAT! We purchased these for our first one and were just as satisfied. Shipping was fast and price was worth it! Thanks!!!

Melissa R.

It did not arrive on time like it should have so I didn’t use it and it’s being returned

Brittany M.

Powder Cannons were perfect for gender reveal! We had 4 and the amount of powder was great.