Biodegradable & Water Soluble Confetti Cannons

Party accessories should be fun, but also mindful of the world in which we live. Whether you’re planning a wedding, gender reveal, holiday gathering, parade, fundraiser, or other type of event, biodegradable confetti cannons can make a big impact without negatively impacting the environment. Eco-friendly water-soluble confetti is made from natural, non-toxic dyes and paper that simply blows away when dry or dissolves into the ground when wet. Blow away your guests with a captivating swirl of white to mark the climax of any celebration!

Confetti Cannons Have Become a Hugely Popular Way to Celebrate

Depending on the weather conditions, it can take up to six weeks for conventional confetti paper to dissolve. By contrast, our water soluble confetti cannons will disintegrate within two days or as soon as the confetti gets wet. Our biodegradable confetti cannons paper will disintegrate within a week. As a high-quality product, the dye will not leach or stain during the dissolving period.

How Do Water-Soluble Confetti Cannons Work?

Party guests love water-soluble confetti cannons that:

  • Bring extra happiness to the celebration
  • Are fun and simple to use with straightforward directions
  • Launch up to 20 feet in the air, often exceeding expectations
  • Release with a satisfying “BOOM”
  • Clean up easy, with no fuss or muss for Mother Nature

Why Use Biodegradable Wedding Confetti Cannons?

Bird seed and rice are two traditional items to toss at weddings, but there are a few drawbacks. For starters, getting pelted with these solid items—no matter how small—can hurt. And while it’s an urban legend that feeding birds uncooked rice will make their stomachs explode, it is at the very least rude to leave tiny grains around the wedding venue where it can attract bugs and rats, as well as birds. Confetti is a popular alternative, but some wedding venues may charge an extra cleanup fee or require couples to use only biodegradable wedding confetti cannons.

Tips for Ordering Wedding Confetti Cannons

Wedding confetti cannons add an extra to that special day. There are many perfect popping moments—when you enter the reception as newlyweds, after the cake cutting, during your first dance, or at the end of the night during the send-off to your honeymoon.

It’s also possible to purchase a smaller number of cannons to get the photo effect you desire. We recommend using at least two from opposite sides of the room, deployed at once. You may also consider giving one to each member of the bridal party to use during the photography session.

Why Wait? Order Your Biodegradable Confetti Cannons from I Love Sparklers - and Get Them Fast!

Thank you for choosing I Love Sparklers for your worry-free water-soluble party and wedding accessories. Also, our biodegradable gender reveal confetti cannons are a great option for your gender reveal party. We ship same-day for orders placed before 3pm and next-business-day for orders placed after 3pm. Most orders arrive within one to five business days, depending on your proximity to our warehouse in Magnolia, TX. Be sure to tag us @ILoveSparklers to share the magic of your special day.