18" Confetti Streamer Cannon - Silver Metallic
18" Confetti Streamer Cannon - Silver Metallic

Silver Metallic Streamer Cannon

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Our silver metallic streamer cannons are elegant, festive, and perfect for your upcoming celebration. These ready-to-use tubes are filled with silver mylar/paper streamers. These silver streamer poppers are not pyrotechnic, so there is no heat or smoke produced, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor events. With a simple twist of the tube, compressed air shoots the silver party streamers 15 feet high. 

What Makes the Silver Metallic Streamer Cannon Special?

I Love Sparklers offers a wide selection of colors and styles to suit your needs.

This particular silver metallic streamer cannon is unique in that it:

  • It is an 18-inch streamer cannon, and can send streamers 15-20 feet high.
  • Features elongated streamers, rather than small confetti pieces, so they twist and twirl on the way down.
  • They reflect light at a greater rate to make dazzling photographs.
  • Comes in all silver – a classic presentation designed to match virtually any party theme.
  • Is not biodegradable, as some of our other products are, but cleanup is easy with how large the streamers are.

What Does a Silver Metallic Streamer Symbolize?

You may choose to celebrate with a silver metallic streamer based on its symbolism:

  • Silver is a metallic, refined color that symbolizes wealth and success.
  • It can represent industrialism, sophistication, elegance, sophistication, strength, and healing.
  • Silver and gold are often used as holiday or New Year’s party celebration items.
  • Silver can be part of an iconic sports team’s color scheme, like the Oakland Raiders or Detroit Lions.
  • Silver is also associated with stars, the light of the moon and feminine energy.
  • Silver is the official color for a 25th Wedding Anniversary.

What Are Confetti Streamers Used For?

Partygoers use confetti streamers as a grand finale or an important announcement. At weddings, party poppers commemorate the newlywed’s first appearance as a couple at the reception-- or perhaps they go off at the end of the first dance, after the first kiss, or as the couple exits. For birthday parties, poppers add extra excitement after the happy birthday song. People use confetti streamer cannons at parades, sports games, and holiday gatherings. Offices may use streamers to celebrate a new hire, a baby announcement, or to liven up a birthday party.

How Fast Are Confetti Streamer Cannons Shipped?

Time is of the essence when you’re ordering your party celebration supplies, and you can count on us to deliver. Order before 3 pm, and your shipment goes out today. If it’s after 3 pm, we will send your items on the next business day-- that means if you’re ordering after 3 pm on a Friday, we’ll send it out Monday morning. The I Love Sparklers warehouse is located in Magnolia, Texas.

 Orders within the state arrive in 1-2 days. The rest of America typically receives its orders via UPS Ground in five days or less. Bulk shipments worth $50 or more ship free, so feel free to stock up!

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Melissa S.

Used these for our 5th grade celebration and everyone LOVED them!

Annika T.
Powerful and fun!


Lino A.

great product 👌