Blue Confetti Cannon
Blue Confetti Cannon

Blue Confetti Cannon

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Blue is one of the most popular colored confetti cannons due to its versatility. Whether you’re celebrating a new marriage, a milestone birthday, graduation, a parade, or a sports victory, there are countless reasons to let confetti fly!  If you are celebrating a new baby, check out our line of Gender Reveal Cannons!

What is a Blue Confetti Cannon Used For?

Blue can be used to symbolize the sea, wide-open freedom, imagination, intelligence, and calm. It can also connote loyalty, trust, sincerity, responsibility, and professionalism.

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Are Blue Confetti Poppers Safe for Children?

These blue confetti poppers are safe and easy to use for adults. Just make sure they point the product up and away from the face before releasing the confetti.

How is a Blue Biodegradable Confetti Cannon Eco-Friendly?

While the filling of a traditional blue metallic confetti cannon is made from polyvinyl chloride plastic that must be swept up, a blue biodegradable confetti cannon dissolves within two weeks of wind and rain. You may still want the metallic confetti if you’re in a low-light setting and want the extra glitz and glamor—but if your event is outside, the biodegradable variety makes an earth-conscious choice.

How Does a Compressed Air Confetti Cannon Work?

There is no smoke or pyrotechnics involved, so feel free to use this product indoors or outdoors. A compressed air confetti cannon works using compressed air, shooting the confetti 15-20 feet into the air once you twist and release.

Ordering Confetti Cannons Through I Love Sparklers

I Love Sparklers’ confetti cannons are ready to ship from our Magnolia, TX warehouse. Order before 3 pm CST, and we’ll send it out same-day; otherwise, next-business-day. Most shipments arrive within a week. If you live in Houston or the surrounding suburbs, you may arrange curbside pickup by contacting us. Orders worth $50 or more ship free. We’re pleased to have served thousands of events and offer high-quality blue confetti cannons at an affordable price.