18" Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon - Blue
18" Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon - Pink
Gender Reveal with Pink Confetti Cannon
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18" Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

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A gender reveal party gathers friends and family together to share one of life's greatest surprises. While it's always heartwarming and enjoyable to announce the gender of a soon-to-be member of the family with loved ones present, gender reveal confetti cannons offer added excitement and make the perfect photograph.

Why 18 inch gender reveal confetti cannons?

Compared to the 12" confetti cannons, the 18" gender reveal confetti cannons give you an extra five feet of shooting power, blasting the confetti 20 feet in the air to rain down on you and your guests. The 18” canisters also deliver 25% more confetti than the 12" confetti cannons.

Which color confetti cannon should you order?

Some parents know whether they are having a girl or a boy, and order either a blue or a pink canister in advance. The discreet, unmarked, white tubes do not hint at the color of confetti inside so that it will be a surprise for all guests in attendance.

Other parents want to revel in the surprise, too, and order a confetti cannon of each color. We'll send detailed instructions indicating which cannon to use. Your doctor can read the directions and let you know which one to use. 

Whether circumstances call for blue or pink, guests will be wowed by the striking and beautiful burst of color.

How do gender reveal confetti cannons work?

I Love Sparklers' gender reveal confetti launchers are easy to use. The confetti poppers are non-toxic and biodegradable, made with compressed air and non-combustible materials. The gender reveal confetti cannons can be used indoors or outdoors.

Be sure to have your photographer or videographer ready, as the surprise can only be captured once. Simply hold the 2-inch cannon in one hand while twisting the bottom with the other hand. For safety and best results, aim straight up when popping them high into the air.

How many 18 inch gender reveal confetti cannons do you need?

One gender reveal cannon may be enough to suit your needs if you choose one of the parents to release the confetti, but we recommend ordering at least two (one for each parent). You may also choose to coordinate the release so other family members may join in on the thrill-- siblings, grandparents, godparents, or friends. The affordable nature of 18 inch gender reveal confetti cannons make it all possible. We offer free shipping for orders over $50.

Thank you for considering I Love Sparklers for your gender reveal party supplies.

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Olga C.
Wrong Order

I got the wrong order and confused the entire family

Elizabeth G.
Great purchase

I bought these for the revealing of my grandson…..they went off very well and high

Nancy P.

Fast shipping ,good product

Lisa W.

These are AWESOME!!!! So much more than we expected! A perfect way to do a gender reveal. These are packed full and put out so much more than we expected. Very pleased!

Jennifer S.

They were great!!