18 inch gold metallic confetti cannon
18" Gold Metallic Confetti Cannon - Wedding
18" Gold Metallic Confetti Cannon - Wedding Send Off
18" Gold Metallic Confetti Cannon - Wedding Send Off
18" Gold Metallic Confetti Cannon - New Years Celebration
18 inch gold metallic confetti cannon

Gold Metallic Confetti Cannon

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Celebrate in style with shiny, golden confetti cannons from I Love Sparklers in Magnolia, Texas. We’ll make sure your special event goes without a hitch by providing fast, reliable shipping and a customer satisfaction guarantee. Poppers are a hot trending event accessory right now. Don’t miss out on the memories and the magical photographs. Order yours today!

What Makes a Gold Metallic Confetti Cannon Special?

Buyers choose this confetti cannon because:

  • It’s gold! While we offer many different colors, the glitz and glamor of gold never go out of style.
  • It’s shiny! Unlike flat matte confetti pieces, these papers come with a flashy, reflective metallic shine.
  • It’s fun! The elegant, glittering effect of a confetti cannon is one you’ll never forget.

Why Choose a Gold Confetti Cannon?

The use of gold confetti cannons can add a surprising twist to any celebration, including:

  • Symbolism  Gold is a precious metal – a symbol of luxury, wealth, love, wisdom, and magic.
  • Birthdays and Golden Anniversaries – Celebrate a milestone or 50th anniversary with timeless gold.
  • WeddingsGold and dark blue are gorgeous—as well as gold and dark purple, green, rose pink, red, or cream-- all ideal color schemes for weddings.
  • Christmas – Silver and gold is a classic Christmas color scheme.
  • Hannukah – From the golden menorah to the gifting of gelt, Hannukah is rich with gold symbolism.
  • DiwaliWhat better color to embody India’s Festival of Lights than the rich gold of a candle’s glow?
  • Mardi Gras  Gold symbolizes power, according to the Rex of the 1892 parade in New Orleans.
  • New Year’s celebration items Kick off the New Year with a classy, opulent vibe!
  • Sports – Dozens of sports teams wear gold, with some of the most popular being Pittsburgh’s Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates; the LA Lakers; Notre Dame; and the Golden State Warriors.

For the best photographs, set your shutter speed to 1/200 and lens aperture for f2.8. Take a high angle, with the wind blowing toward you. Ideally, every party guest will have their own confetti cannon for maximum effect.

How Does a Gold Confetti Shooter Work?

There are various party cannons, but the I Love Sparklers’ gold confetti shooter is easy enough for a child to use-- under supervision, of course. Simply hold with one hand, pointing upward toward the sky, and twist the bottom of the 18x2” canister with the other hand, to shoot the confetti up to 20 feet in the air with a “pop!” It’s simply compressed air that launches the confetti, so the product does not produce smoke or heat. 

Shipping for Confetti Cannons

These days, everyone is concerned with shipping delays, especially when you need your confetti cannons for a wedding or other special event. I Love Sparklers offers fast, convenient shipping from our warehouse in Magnolia, Texas. If you live locally, you can stop by to pick up your order or expect to receive your shipment in as little as one day. Orders placed before 3 pm go out the same day. Orders placed after 3 pm go out next business day.

If you’re from outside of Texas, expect your order via UPS Ground in 1-5 days. Spend more than $50, and your shipping is complimentary. We understand how important your party celebration items are, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Customer Reviews

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rena t.
loved it

I was very pleased with the item everything worked out great poppers were the right color I actually got the package the very next day just in time for the gender reveal I will definitely order from this company again and definitely recommend them to others

Ricardo C.

Worked flawlessly!! Best priced and made a big impact on our New Years celebration!

Alex R.

Very powerful cannons! These were amazing