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10 inch wedding sparklers package

10 Inch Wedding Sparklers Package

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Let the sparks fly! The 10-inch wedding sparklers package is the perfect complement to a wedding of 100-200 people. These high-quality, smokeless sparklers emit a brilliant white-gold shimmer that adds extra magic to your special celebration.
  • Burn time: 35 to 40 seconds
  • Two sparklers per guest
  • Ideal for smaller weddings or limited spaces
  • Emit gold sparks 

Why Buy 10-Inch Sparklers for Weddings?  

A shorter burn time may be preferable, depending on how you plan to use sparklers at your wedding. With a burn time of 30-40 seconds, the 10-inch sparklers for weddings are perfect for:

  • Firefly effect photographs
  • Coming out of the church as newlyweds
  • Cake-cutting time
  • Giving a quick toast
  • Gifting as wedding favors
  • Involving children in the fun

Whether you’re trying to get a quick photo or highlight a special part of the ceremony, half a minute may be all the sparkle you need. Since they’re so affordable, some wedding planners buy the 10-inch sparklers in bulk (in packages of 200 to 400) and let those who are interested burn more than one.

Other Types of Wedding Sparklers

Wedding sparklers come in various sizes to suit your desires. For send-off style exits, we recommend the longer wedding sparklers:

In addition to the handheld wedding sparklers, the 4-inch or 6-inch fountain effect bottle/cake-top sparkler packages set up a spectacular cake-cutting ceremony your guests won’t soon forget. 

Accessories for 10-Inch Wedding Sparklers

Once you buy sparklers, put on the finishing touches with galvanized steel buckets that can be used to store and display them until they’re ready to use. An extra bucket filled with sand or water is all you need to be sure the sparklers are adequately extinguished when you’re done. If you’re giving them out as favors, consider adding customized sparkler tags that match the color and style of your wedding theme for an extra layer of thoughtful detail.

Safe Use of Wedding Sparklers

For the safety of our customers, I Love Sparklers offers some simple guidelines, including lighting and safety instructions in every order. All of our sparklers for weddings are made for outdoor use only and we recommend using them in wide open spaces for the utmost safety. It is highly recommended that any guest that is intoxicated not use sparklers, and children should be supervised by an adult.

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As advertised

Robert K.
Your Sparkler, and Our Banquet

Our experience was great!
We ended our Student Association banquet by leading our kids to the center of campus to our gazebo where we handled out the sparklers.
Needless to say, they were an instant hit!
Thanks for making them available!

Paige M.
Great for our July Pop By

Great quality. Quick shipping and fair pricing! I'm a Realtor and this is great for our pop by's.

adam b.

They were amazing! They ensured my order was delivered promptly (since I procrastinated before my wedding). I will def use them again

Amy F.

We haven't used them yet they are for my daughter's wedding in June