Are Powder Cannons Safe for Gender Reveal?

Yes, gender reveal powder cannons are a safe, fun way to announce whether you’ll add a baby boy or girl to the family. But make sure you use the right type. Our gender reveal powder cannons use compressed air--which is not combustible--to release vibrant pink or blue powder up to 20 feet into the air.

Gender Reveal with blue and pink powder cannon

Are Powder Cannons Safe for Children To Use?

Yes, under adult supervision, all powder cannons from I Love Sparklers are a great way to get older siblings or other family members involved in the celebration. The most important consideration is that everyone aims the canister upward and away from the face.

Blue Powder Cannon for Gender Reveal with kids

Are Powder Cannons Safe for the Mom-to-Be?

Our powder cannons are safe for the mom-to-be because we use non-toxic, water-soluble dyed cornstarch powder. It quickly dissipates--with just enough time for a few fabulous photos.

Pink Gender Reveal Powder Cannon safe for Mom

Are Powder Cannons Safe for the Environment?

Yes, as noted above, the type of powder cannons we sell are made from water-soluble dyed cornstarch powder. The powder will quickly disintegrate with the wind blowing it away when launched into the air, like a huge cloud of salt or flour.

Blue gender reveal powder cannon safe for environment on beach

Are Powder Cannons Safe for Clothes, Skin, and Hair?

The dry powder shakes off quickly from clothing and hair. Shake off as much as you can before washing. Use regular soap or Dawn dish detergent if your hands get stained. If the product gets rubbed into your clothes, rinse them in cold water and put them in the washing machine.

pink gender reveal powder cannon safe for clothes

Are Powder Cannons Safe for Indoor Use?

There is nothing toxic in the product. However, we do not recommend using powder cannons indoors. Outdoor use is always best, as the powder can simply dissolve naturally. 

blue gender reveal powder cannon use for outdoors only

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