How Long Should Sparklers Be for a Wedding?

When you’re buying wedding sparklers, the longer, the better. The 36-inch is highly recommended to allow four minutes of burn time—to create that magical “tunnel of sparklers” effect with a large group.

Part of what makes wedding day sparklers different from standard Independence Day fireworks is the length. Rather than a 20-second burn time and 8-inch length, wedding sparklers come in 10, 20, or 36-inch lengths that correspond to a 40-second, two-minute, or four-minute burn time. When choosing how long wedding sparklers should be, you’ll need to consider the size of your wedding and how you’ll use them.

Choosing Wedding Sparkler Length Based on Guest List Size

Consider your guest list when choosing a sparkler length. If your event is small and intimate, you may not need more than a few seconds to get all the sparklers lit. Larger weddings require more logistical planning. If your sparklers are too short, there won’t be enough time for everyone to participate in the festivities. Be sure to equip your bridesmaids and groomsmen with multiple starter sparklers or lighters to expedite setup.

Consider this sparkler size chart when deciding how to match sparkler length to your guest list:

Bride and Groom enjoying their wedding sparkler exit with 20 inch wedding sparklers


Choosing Wedding Day Sparkler Length Based on Type of Festivity

The sparkler length may also depend upon how you intend to use them. For example, you could plan:

  • Sparkler wedding favors: a 10-inch sparkler is economical and great for individual pictures or toasts.
  • Wedding entrances or exits: weddings with 150 or fewer people can use 20-inch sparklers.
  • Letter writing: a 20-inch sparkler can be used in photos to write the word “LOVE” or draw a heart.
  • Wedding tunnel send-offs or first dance: 36-inch sparklers are best for a first dance or grand exit.

Most commonly, two rows of wedding guests line up on either side of the exit. They light their smokeless weddings sparklers down the line and hold them up high. The happy newlyweds run out the door through a tunnel of brilliant light for a glamorous grand finale.  In this case, the longer, the better. Be sure to have at least two metal display buckets filled with sand or water at the end of the lines to extinguish them.

20 inch wedding sparklers are used for sparkler writing in the air during wedding photography

So, How Long Should Smokeless Wedding Sparklers Be?

If you want to stick with the most conventional answer, you can’t go wrong with the 36-inch-long wedding sparklers. These are one of our top-selling wedding reception supplies, as they produce a stunningly beautiful effect that allows for maximum dazzle time and versatility—particularly with larger groups.

36 inch wedding sparklers give off an impeccable glow of gold sparks
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