How To Light Wedding Sparklers

 Lighting Sparklers
"How do I light my wedding sparklers?" "What do I need to light them with?" Here is how to light sparklers the I love Sparklers way! 

First, start off using the smaller lighter sparklers that we ship with your orders. You will need to purchase a butane lighter or "grill lighter" for the establishing flame. These lighters can be found in any grocery store, dollar store or drugstore. These lighters work well and they are cheap! 

Holding one lighter sparkler in hand, use the butane lighter to light it. Once the small sparkler is lit, us it to light your wedding sparklers with it. Have your guests stand in a line so one person can simply walk down the line, lighting sparklers one by one. For sparkler safety, please remember to remind your guests not to hold more than one sparkler at a time to avoid any accidents. 

By learning how to safely light sparklers at weddings using this method, lighting your wedding sparklers will be a breeze and your photos will come out perfectly!