Reasons to Buy Sparklers for Your Upcoming Wedding

Sparkler wedding exit
Weddings are a major investment of time and money and as your nuptials approach you may be looking for a way to end the big day in a big way. Wedding sparklers are just the ticket for that wow factor without breaking the bank. Safe and beautiful, sparklers are like a mini firework display without the safety and financial concerns, so look no further than the following reasons why you need them at your wedding.


Looking for inexpensive way to make a big impression at your wedding? Popular for a send-off with flair, they cost under a dollar for each guest, as opposed to expensive favors for weddings that can ruin your budget at an average of $5 or more per person. At such a reasonable price, it is hard to imagine what an impact these sparkly surprises will have on your guest experience as they become part of your celebration in a significant way. Buying sparkler wedding favors affords one the opportunity to make a big impression with a small budget. Not only are they inexpensive, but there is little investment on time or effort to have them at your wedding.


Easy to store, light, and to dispose of, you need only have one or two people designated to light these vibrant celebratory sticks as your guests become part of your special day. Simply add lighters and a display bucket filled with sand for a decoration at you even and a safe disposal of the sparklers, and you have a major production with minor preparation. What's more, following simple guidelines, you can easily decide what size suits your celebration, theme, and general mood of your wedding.

Special Moment

What a spectacular way to make a special moment that much more memorable. Imagine each of your guests holding a bright wedding sparkler and lining your exit as you are sent off in style. The symbolism of sparklers during your send-off is of a bright future with your brand new spouse. Capture that special moment with your significant other and your guests by framing the new couple and lighting the sky with these spectacular bursts of light. Photographers love sparklers for the photo opportunity and you will too when you reflect on your big day and see the magic brought about by wedding sparklers

Wedding sparkler send-offs are a tried and true tradition that you can add to your special day. The impact and memories made by these sparklers for weddings are hard to beat for the ease and low expense with which they can be added to any type or size of event.