The Best, Best Man Speech Tips:

The Best, Best Man Speech Tips

The best man’s speech is a significant wedding moment. A good best man speech includes, sincerity, gratitude, and some humor. A less than superb best man’s speech? That’s why we’re sharing some ideas for best man speeches, so you don’t have to find out. The speech requires a lot of deliberation and preparation. As a best man, this is the part of the wedding when all eyes are on you. A great best man speech includes, sincerity, gratitude, and some humor. If you've been putting off writing your speech, here are some best man speech tips and guidelines to help you deliver a memorable speech come wedding day:


It is very rare that a guy can just stand up when the time comes and nail a great best man speech. More often than not, “winging it” will not produce the best outcome. You must put in time and thought of the perfect things to say. From the time you are asked to be the best man until it’s time to give the best man speech. Jot down stories, quotes, jokes, and other ideas as they come to you over time leading to the wedding date.

Preparing for the best man speech ahead of time

Stay Sober

The most important best man speech tip is to remember to stay sober. It’s a day full of good times and celebration. So, remember, you have a duty to honor the groom through a thoughtfully designed speech. It is usually never a great idea to deliver a great best man speech if there’s been too much indulging in alcohol. A sober speech saves you from embarrassment but keeps the newlywed couple’s trust of you intact. A little liquid courage isn't uncommon but know your limits and be safe! You don’t want to say something you will regret later.


Best Man needs to stay sober to give the best speech


To go along with these best man speech tips, it is a good idea to open by expressing gratitude. Save your clever one liners for later on. Open by thanking the groom for the honor on being asked to be his best man on his big day. Thank both sets of parents by name and on behalf of the bride and groom, give appreciation to those who made it out to celebrate the union on your two great friends.


Express gratitude the most in the best man speech

Make the Connection

Great best man speeches are all about connecting with everyone who is listening to you. Tell the crowd a story of how the groom is such an awesome guy. List some qualities in the groom. Let the crowd know why you are lucky to have him as a friend or family member. Prevent a lot of confused faces and avoid inside jokes that not everyone will understand. Of course, recall the first time the groom brought up his future wife. That will put a twinkle in the crowd’s eyes.


Make the Connection with all of the guests during the best man speech

Short and Simple

The best man speech can usually happen after the father of the bride and maid of honor has already given the crowd their words. By the time it’s your turn to speak, guests can be a little anxious to either begin the dancing or cut the cake. As a best man speech tip, set a time limit for yourself and make sure you do not go over. Put together a condensed thoughtful and sincere best man speech.


Short and Simple Best Man's Speech

Things to Remember

Included in best man speech tips, is showing appreciation for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. They have dedicated a lot of time and efforts in making the wedding perfect for the couple. Show gratitude for their help in the entire process. Great best man speeches typically end with a toast honoring the bride and groom. Ask everyone to lift their glasses and join you on wishing nothing but love and good fortune on the couple’s new marriage.


Things to Remember in the best man speech

In the end, the best, best man speech tip includes just being you. If you begin your speech with confidence, there is no doubt you will deliver for the crowd and newlyweds. Best of all, have fun! Get more best man speech tips from our experts.