4 inch bottle top sparkler case
4 inch bottle tops sparklers

4" Inch Bottle Top / Cake Sparklers (Case) 480 Sparklers

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4 Inch Bottle Top and Cake Sparklers (Bulk Package-480 Sparklers)

Our bulk package of Birthday Cake / Bottle Top Sparklers is great for a desert presentation or VIP bottle service! Our Birthday Cake / Bottle Top sparkler dimensions are roughly 4” long and .5” thick. When lit, the sparklers burn for generally 30 seconds, with a 10” sparkling near smokeless flame. These smaller Birthday Cake / Bottle Top Sparklers are fun and safe for any birthday cake or other food items. 

Our Birthday Cake / Bottle Top Sparklers also come with a 1” long plastic spike at the bottom of the sparkler to safely secure the sparkler into a cake or food product that you may be using. For bottle service, use one of our Bottle Service Clips! All you do is clasp the plastic clip onto the neck of the champagne or wine bottle. Then attach the Birthday Cake / Bottle Top Sparkler to the clip and light the flat, white top of the sparkler with a lighter. To stay safe, make sure when lighting the sparkler point the top of the bottle a way from people or flammable items. These Birthday Cake / Bottle Top Sparklers bulk package has 480 individual sparklers.