12" Confetti Cannon - Blue Metallic - Case
12 inch blue metallic confetti cannon

Blue Metallic Confetti Cannon Case 25/1

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Blue Metallic Confetti Cannon Case

  • Case Count 25/1
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Metallic/Non-Biodegradable Confetti
  • Shoot Up to 15 feet into the air 
  • Outdoor or Indoor Use 
  • Made With Compressed Air

Twist and POP ! Our Blue Confetti Cannon launches a cloud of blue , Metallic paper confetti approximately 15 feet in the air. They are easy to use just hold the top of the tube with one hand and twist the bottom of the tube with the other hand  and “POP” watch the sky turn to blue.

When using make sure to face the end of the cannon up. This Blue Confetti Cannon is filled with compressed air and measures 12” tall by 2” in diameter. These party poppers are wonderful for indoor or outdoor parties.