18 inch silver metallic confetti cannon case
18 inch silver confetti cannon

Silver Metallic Confetti Cannon Case 25/1

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Silver Metallic Confetti Cannon

Our Silver Confetti Cannons create wonderful memories for your guests and are a fun alternative to the traditional rice or rose petals. These Silver Party Poppers can be used at any event or celebration and measure 18” long by 2” in diameter. They use compressed air to shoot the confetti about 20 feet into the sky! When ready to use hold the top of the tube with one hand then twist the bottom of the tube with the other hand and “BAM” watch the Silver Metallic, confetti fly! Remember to always face the cannon up. Our silver metallic confetti poppers are not a pyrotechnic, they do not cause any smoke or hot items that you must take care of after using. This 18” Party Confetti Cannon is the perfect silver party décor for indoor or outdoor venues. We offer quantity pricing on these confetti cannons, so the more you buy the better deal you get for your confetti cannons!