Best Uses for 10-Inch Wedding Sparklers

Our customers have had great success using 10-inch wedding sparklers with a 40-second burn time for: 

  • 50 or fewer guests, ideally handing out two wedding sparklers per person
  • Wedding favors to be used for individual pictures or toasts
  • Children who are attending the wedding or in the wedding party 

If you plan to use wedding sparklers for a send-off line or for a large party of 100-200+ guests, we recommend choosing the 36-inch wedding sparklers instead, as these burn for up to 3.5 minutes. With the larger size sparkler, one per guest will be enough fun for everyone. Check out our sparkler sizing guide for more details on choosing the right length for your needs. 

Popular Uses for 10-Inch Sparklers 

10-inch sparklers can be used in a variety of ways at weddings, parties, or other celebrations: 

As an alternative to the unity candle 

Unity candles symbolize the joining of two lives. Rather than lighting the traditional candle, couples can light their sparklers together for a fun twist. 

Couple using sparklers instead of unity candle

For the bride’s entrance 

Sometimes a flower girl walks down the aisle, casting petals to the ground, to build anticipation for the bride’s big debut. In lieu of a flower girl, holding lit celebration sparklers out along the aisle is a beautiful, awe-inspiring way to light her path to the altar. 

Guests lighting up the aisle with sparklers

During cake cutting or quick toasts 

All eyes are fixed on the couple during cake cutting and toast time. Highlight the moment with 10-inch sparklers! Time for a toast? Create the right atmosphere by having the speaker or the wedding party holding them. 

Guests doing a wedding toast with sparklers

In memorial 

When a dear loved one, such as a parent or grandparent of the newlyweds, has recently passed on, it is customary to release a butterfly or a dove to the heavens. Lighting 10-inch wedding sparklers in memorial is another beautiful gesture to consider. 

People holding 10 inch sparklers for a memorial

How to Take Photographs With Party Sparklers 

From the first kiss to the first dance, lighting 10-inch party sparklers in the background produces a fleeting magical firefly effect that can be captured forever in photographs. While 20-inch sparklers or 36-inch sparklers are better suited for longer photo sessions, the 10-inch (40 second burn time) may be all you need to orchestrate a quick planned shot. 

Couple enjoying their wedding exit with wedding sparklers

I Love Sparklers sells a variety of sparklers for weddings online. Order in small single packages or in bulk and use the leftovers as birthday sparklers. Whether you need 10-inch or 36-inch, heart shaped or cake top, we have all the wedding celebration sparkler supplies you need. 

All our products are high-quality, smokeless steel gold wire. With our fast, affordable shipping from Magnolia, TX, you can count on us to deliver a room full of smiles and awe.